Online Forums Can be Predator-Hunting Support Systems

There are no grand answers to predator puzzles, but reaching out to local hunters could diminish your learning curve in the field.
Online Forums Can be Predator-Hunting Support Systems

Predator hunting can be as frustrating as having a conversation with your anti-second amendment neighbor. Unlike that banter that’s not making any headway, you can get help for your predator hunting questions, quandaries and conundrums. And you can get it from your neighbor.

Predator and varmint forums litter the online super highway. These portals of wisdom offer a myriad of information. You can log in and read up on new gear, calling competitions, hunting tips and overall wisdom. Maybe you’re considering the purchase of a new predator rifle or reloading a new bullet. Can you find a better place to bounce the model number or bullet type off of for a review?

Perhaps the best benefit of these forums is the fact that many have a regional or state nature. Several are of national makeup and offer the same support, such as Predator Masters, but it’s the localized sites that may give you an advantage for a direct hotline to help.

Whether you're searching for predator forums to chat about hunting, whitetail forums for deer info or real estate sites to find property, take advantage of online opportunitiies to expand your hunting possibilities. (Photo: Mark Kayser)

The reason is simple on why you want to visit the forum nearest to your hunting area. Open up the any forum with a regional focus and you’ll immediately be bombarded with a plethora of questions of hunters asking for help. Be honest. Not every predator hunt goes smoothly and the more pressure predators receive the savvier they get in evading your calls. You and I have been there at the end of a morning of predator calling. “Why didn’t a coyote show up? It was the perfect setup. What did I do wrong?”

Questions for help, without a doubt, are the number one topic thread on any predator hunting forum. Hunting frustration drives outreach and what better place to ask a knowledgeable question for insight than one of like-minded individuals who hunt close to your zip code.

If you want to know what quail distress call to use in Arizona then an Arizona predator hunting forum should be your target. The same is true of trying to call coyotes in the Keystone state. Hunting big woods with small openings requires precise placement and use of wind. A Nevada hunter can give you broad insight, but a weekend warrior dragging a coyote from the Allegheny National Forest every weekend could give you tips straight from the horse’s mouth.

The same is true of hunting bobcats in Oklahoma. You’ll find focused information reaching out to Oklahoma predator hunters as opposed to muddling through a national site.

That’s not to say you won’t find the information you need or the assistance from fellow forum members on a national level, but there’s nothing as helpful as a report from someone who’s “been there, done that.” Tailored help is just the start of why you may want to seek out advice from a local. There’s also opportunity to swap hunting information, share public land notes and maybe even hook up for a hunt via a private message.

There are no grand answers to the puzzles that may arise on a predator hunt, but reaching out to local predator hunters could diminish your learning curve in the field.

Featured image: Mark Kayser


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