Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 17

Patience and determination lead Bauserman to bag a mature doe on his whitetail hunt.

Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 17

Location: Western Oklahoma
Temperature: 87-degrees and climbing
Wind: 30-35 mph from the SSW
Barometric Pressure: 29.60 and holding
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 11 percent illumination

Scott and I can’t help ourselves. When we have a few minutes of downtime, we just have to get in the woods. With the cameras and stands checked and the 3-D course staked down, we decided to grab the video camera and head into the field for a midday hunt.

The wind was howling 30 to 35 mph from the southeast, meaning we had to stay out of the trees. Knowing that the soaring midday temps would have the deer bedded, we located the thickest cover we could find with a trickling creek rolling through it and put our faces in the wind. This is a great midday tactic, especially when the wind is blowing. Not only do the gusts drown out any noise you make, but the shaking tree branches and swaying vegetation allow you to get away with movement that would normally send deer scrambling in the opposite direction. Plus, when stalking in thick timber, the trees create shadows that help keep your movements hidden. JB_LOAB_DAY18

We went about 500 yards — a step or two at a time, then stop and glass — when Scott spied an ear twitch. A look through my Maven optics confirmed it was a mature doe. After removing my boots and dropping my pack, I started the hands-and-knees stalk. Sweat was pouring down my brow, but I kept inching along a yard or two at a time, all the while my Browning ATAC clothing keeping me perfectly hidden. Finally, after slinking around a small cedar, I was able to get a clear range. My Sig KILO read 38.7 yards, and, once again, I pressed my Hoyt Defiant Turbo into action. I held the 40-yard pin of my Black Gold Ascent 3-Pin a tad low on the quartering-away doe and pulled through my Scott Hex. The Victory VAP TKO was true, and, once again, the Wac ‘Em 3-Blade Expandable did its job.

Yes, stalking a whitetail on the ground is possible. When you’re on a trip with a limited amount of time to hunt, I suggest you take advantage of every minute. More to come from Oklahoma, and I will post the video right here at as soon as I return home.


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