Zeiss Sport Optics Celebrates 165 Years

How do you celebrate more than a century and a half of optics excellence? By introducing some great new compact binos all bowhunters should see.
Zeiss Sport Optics Celebrates 165 Years

zeiss opticsOne thing’s for sure, 165 years ago archery wasn’t on Carl Zeiss’ radar. In fact, at the time, the focus was to bring microscopes into the market. “From there, it blossomed into several other fields including medical optics, camera optics—really just anything to do with a lens or precision medical equipment,” related Rich Moncrief, training manager at Zeiss.

From there, technologies have spun off to some interesting fields. For instance, Remington uses measuring equipment manufactured by Zeiss to check tolerances on some of its firearm equipment. Joe Gibbs Racing also turned to Zeiss for equipment used to measure tolerances on the number 44 Home Depot car. In actuality, the sport optic division is a small part of Zeiss’ overall business.

“An area Zeiss has really moved strongly into over the years is semiconductor technology. Extremely large lenses are used to burn the microchips in technology all around us—cell phones, video games, electronics, etc. Much of the electronics around is possible because of Zeiss technology,” Rich stated. In fact, it’s the high-tech operations that create the majority of technical developments, which in turn trickles down to the sport optics so many hunters have enjoyed over the years.

For 2011, Zeiss’ Dailyt Spotter has been making waves. It was introduced at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas this year as a field spotter. “It’s not considered a conventional spotting scope due to its light weight and easy portability. In fact, you really don’t even need a tripod to use it. You can brace the Dailyt Spotter against a tree or lay it across your pack with excellent results,” Rich explained. With a built-in variable eyepiece that offers 18-45X magnification; a wide field of view; fast, flexible handling; and durable, nonslip rubber armor, the Dialyt field spotter allows fast, easy target acquisition without the weight.

Conquests binoculars combine Zeiss T* multicoating on the lenses, and P* phase coating on the prisms improve light transmission for bright, sharp images and enhanced twilight vision. With a variety of magnification levels and models, including pocket, compact, all-purpose and extended use, Conquest binoculars are designed to complement all hunting disciplines from stalking to long-range glassing. Zeiss’ compact line includes an 8x20 and 10x25 model.

Compact binoculars are always a high point of interest with archers. “When I talk to archers, they most often ask about our Victory and Conquest compacts,” Moncrief said. “Whether they are tournament shooters or just looking for something lightweight to carry around the woods, the clarity and performance of our compact binoculars are hard to beat, particularly when you look at the Conquest line.”

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