Bowfishing Gear to Get You Started

Bowfishing basics to get you out on the water.
Bowfishing Gear to Get You Started

bowfishing gearBowfishing Bows

Alpine Archery’s ( Mako ($299) is a refined 34.75-inch, 3-pound bowfishing machine with seven inches of draw-length adjustment (24 to 30) and 50- or 60-pound draw weights. It includes a 65-percent-letoff hybrid cam system, machined riser and limb pockets. It is covered in Blue Water Drops finish.

AMS Bowfishing’s ( Fish Hawk($250; $362 kit) is a bowfishing bow the entire family can enjoy with its 20 percent letoff, 30- to 40-pound draw weight, and 15- to 30-inch draw length. It’s 35.5 inches long and weighs 3.4 pounds. In Mothwing Blue or Pink (Lady Hawk), alone or in kit form with Retriever Pro reel and AMS Apex Fiber Optic Sight.

Darton Archery’s ( AquaForce ($190; $300 kit) is made just for bowfishing with a 33.5-inch, 3.4-pound bow featuring 40- to 50-pound peak weight and a 40-percent letoff that peaks early in the draw cycle. It accommodates draw lengths from 23 to 29.5 inches and includes water-drop finish. Purchase it alone or in kit form with an AMS Retriever reel, arrow, and bowfishing rest.

Hoyt’s ( Dorado ($550) recurve includes a tough machined-aluminum riser with accessory taps necessary to hold any bowfishing gear. Smooth-drawing for fast action, the 60-inch bow is resistant to moisture.

Innerloc H2O Bowfishing’s ( Hydro-Strike Pro ($500) includes Rapid Fire Fish Cams with zero or 70 percent letoff. The 33.5-inch-long lightweight bow includes stainless steel hardware. Choose from 25-35, 35-45, and 45-55 pounds, adjustable in 10-pound increments, right- or left-handed. It is covered in blue camo and includes Line Pull and Quiver Stands.

PSE Archery’s ( 31.5-inch, 2.65-pound Barracuda ($250; $390 kit) includes a 40-pound draw weight with no letoff for quick-draw shooting. It’s AquaCamo camouflaged, available in right- or left-hand. The 32.75-inch, 3.8-pound Nova Bowfishing ($280; $400 kit) peaks at 35- or 45-pounds with cams optimized for bowfishing. The Kingfisher ($120; $150 kit) is a nail-tough recurve designed especially for bowfishing. Available in 40-, 45-, and 50-pound options, its metal riser has accessory taps to accommodate any bowfishing need. All PSE bows above are available in kit form with all necessary gear.

Bowfishing Starter Kits

AMS Bowfishing’s ( Retriever Pro Combo Kit ($154) includes Retriever reel (see Reel Innovation below), AMS Wave Rest (see Accessorize above) and two arrows with Safety Slides holding either Muzzy Quick Release or Shure Shot Penetrator points. Includes the entertaining Scales & Tales DVD.

Bohning’s ( affordable Bowfishing Kit ($38) is a super entry-level assembly including Lightning Reel with wind-up retrieval, glass fish arrow with economy bowfishing point, AMS Safety Slide, and 50 feet of 80-pound-test line.

Cajun Archery ( offers two Drum Reel Kits ($24 to $30), each with two arrows (Sting-A-Ree Tournament points and Safety Slides; or Piranha-points without Safety Slides), both with Cajun screw-in reel and 50 feet of 80-pound-test line. Spin Reel Kits ($85 to $106) include two options: four Yellow Jacket arrows with safety slides and Sting-A-Ree Tournament points, Zebco 808 Bowfisher spinning reel with 80-pound-test line, and machined, anodized aluminum reel seat; or another with identical options but two standard fiberglass shafts.

Muzzy Products’ ( new Xtreme Duty Bowfishing Kit ($110) makes it easy to get started. It includes Muzzy’s 1067XD Xtreme Duty Bowfishing Reel, Heavy Duty Reel Seat, Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest, 100 feet of 200-pound-test line, and a 1020-C Classic Fiberglass Fish Arrow with Carp Point.

Bowfishing Accessories

AMS Bowfishing’s ( Wave Rest ($25) combines maximum arrow control with accuracy and dependability, including a tough, grooved Celcon roller inside a deep trough for shooting ease. The new AMS Hip Bone ($30) is a ball-and-socket system attached to your bow’s stabilizer mount, securing your bow at your hip to keep hands free but bowfishing rigs ready.

Cajun Archery’s ( Roller Rest ($10) is easy to install and adjust. This rust-proof, sturdy Delrin roller held on a threaded brass shaft is said to increase arrow speed up to 10 fps.

Muzzy Products’ ( Fish Hook ($18) rest offers rock-solid support for heavy arrows and a safe, trouble-free, and durable bowfishing setup. Muzzy’s Finger Saver ($11) is a rubber riser-mounted “stabilizer” designed to snub bowfishing line while fighting big fish or pulling arrows from deep mud, which saves cut fingers while tugging bowfishing line.

Smooth Machine’s ( USA-made Pro Rest ($30) is made from durable stainless steel and acetyl molding. It is fully adjustable for accuracy and universal for left- or right-handed shooters.

Wiley X’s ( Xcess ($150) wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for bowfishing, featuring advanced Filter 8 polarized lenses with 100 percent UV protection and shatterproof High Velocity Protection (HVP). They are also Rx-ready, for those requiring prescription lenses.


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