Six New Products for Shotgun Performance and Maintenance

There is no shortage of products available to maintain and enhance the performance of your favorite shotgun. Here are six of the many being introduced this year.
Six New Products for Shotgun Performance and Maintenance

Trulock Optima HP Chokes

tru lock chokesTrulock has long been known for high-quality, lifetime guaranteed choke tubes for almost every shotgun available. Offerings for 2011 include the Optima HP Precision Hunter and the Optima HP Sporting Clay, both designed for the Beretta SV10 and A400.

Pro-Shot Tactical Jag System

pro shot tactical jagJohn Damarin, President & Owner of Pro-Shot Products, shows off the Tactical Jag System Pull Through Cleaning System kit, a superior way to clean the barrel of your shotgun. Jags are available for all shotgun gauges.

Tetra Gun ValuPro III

tetra valuproAmong Tetra® Gun Care’s new offerings for 2011 is ValuPro™ III, the next generation of ValuPro™ Cleaning Kits. Each gauge-specific kit includes Triple Action™ CLP, Tetra® Gun Grease, 3-piece cleaning rod with patches, brush/mop and accessories.

Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T3

hoppes elite gun oilNew for 2011 from Hoppe’s®, Elite Gun Oil with T3 – an additive which contains liquid molybdenum and liquid PTFE – offers thin-coat technology that will not separate or break down, and long-lasting corrosion protection over a broad temperature range.

Carlson’s Prairie Storm™ Choke Tube

carlsons prairie stormThe titanium-coated, field-tested Prairie Storm choke tube, offered for 12ga in Early Season (LM) and Late Season (IM) versions, allows Federal’s FLITECONTROL® wad and FLITESTOPPER pellets to deliver devastating downrange patterns.

PEET® SafeKeeping

peet safe keepingPEET®’s patent-pending, hassle free safe dryer solves the age-old problem of unwanted moisture damaging guns while stored in safes & cabinets by circulating warm air to remove humidity.


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