Xtreme ATVs for Xtreme Predator Hunting

This predator hunter likes to get into the backcountry to call uneducated critters. Check out his beefed-up ATV that gets him there.
Xtreme ATVs for Xtreme Predator Hunting
atv counter weight
A beefed up suspension, wider tires and an attached 50-pound counterweight keep the author's ATV on course in tough terrain.
atv storage box
The attached storage box gives plenty of room for all the hunting gear needed on long trips.

Over the past 6 years I have enjoyed Predator hunting to the extent of 20-day trips between October and March of this season.

When you set up a stand and start a calling sequence, there is nothing worse than having another hunter or vehicles show up. You’re anticipating a predator sneaking in and now it’s blown. I have a strategy that usually works to avoid this.

I usually start off in my truck around midnight, drive for a few hours to get to a 4x4 trail, unload my quad and then head out into the night. I’ll travel 20 miles or so and have my coffee while setting up my first stand. At first light I am ready to go. Over the years I’ve noticed most hunters and joy riders don’t come in till right before sunrise. So for two to three hours I can hunt uninterrupted.

Once I reach my destination, I start working (hunting) my way back toward my truck. This will give me about six to eight good stands. Depending on the area and time, I might even spike camp for a few days in the back country.

ATV Hunting Modifications

In order to be able to hunt like this you need to be prepared for the unexpected as well as having a rig that can hold up to your expectations. As you can see from the pictures, my quad is like no other. While riding at night, you can misjudge the trail and put yourself in a bad position if your ATV is not prepared to handle it. I have beefed up the suspension to handle Extreme riding. Super springs front and rear and wheel spacers to give me better balance and hold the weight that I carry. My tools and survival gear is located in a large ATV bag just behind my seat. The custom rack and box holds all my hunting gear and seals up watertight. It also has locks to prevent people from opening it. This allows me to leave the quad and go off hunting for the day without fear of losing gear.

The Box loaded up weighs about 85 pounds, but gives me plenty of room for gear, food, cloths, hunting blind, and sleeping bag. To balance me out and keep from popping wheelies, I positioned a 50-pound counter weight on the front. This allows me to be completely stable going up and down steep runs. I installed two 55 watt driving lights that are positioned outward to give me a broader spectrum of light in the middle of the night. I keep the quad completely loaded during season (guns, food, gas, all equipment,) and the trailer close by. So within 20 minutes I can be on the road heading out.

When riding this Quad, it feels like a 4x4 stiff ride, but also has a comfort knowing that you and your ride are ready to go at a moments notice. Yep, it is Xtreme, but I am an Xtreme Predator Hunter.


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