New TruGlo Gear For 2012

Scads of new-for-2012 innovation includes several quivers, sights, stabilizers and more.

New TruGlo Gear For 2012

To Paul LaRocco, it was a combination akin to peanut butter and jelly when he envisioned an archery sight constructed with fiber optic pins — and thankful archery and firearm owners from around the globe have been reaping the benefits ever since.

“It was back in 1983 when Paul LaRocco and his daughter Loraine started TruGlo. Paul realized the potential impact fiber optics could have on the shooting community and the decision to form TruGlo was quickly made,” said Jeff McNail, vice president of product development.

Early on, Paul’s brainchild was focused solely on archery sights, but with a strong passion for hunting and other shooting sports, it didn’t take much more imagination to realize the impact fiber optics could have on shotguns for sporting clays and hunting.

“Unlike our early days, today we have a full line of accessories including archery quivers, stabilizers, string-silencers and peep sights. We also have our string company, TruGlo FirstString. In fact, we sell just about everything you need to outfit a bow except the bow itself,” McNail chuckled.

tru glo tsx sight

TSX Pro Series

One of TruGlo’s most successful products had been the Tru-Site XTREME (TSX) line of sights. For 2012, TruGlo is launching a new Pro Series to the lineup.

“The TSX Pro Series will be an enhancement to the whole TSX line. The TSX line has been such a strong product for us that we looked for ways to make it even better. We refined the TSX by adding key features such as tubed-pins, an inner sight window diameter of two full inches and a longer enhanced mounting bracket,” McNail explained. “The micro adjust model also has an ultra-fine windage and elevation adjustment. In all, three different families of models will make up the TSX Pro Series for 2012 and will consist of the micro adjust, tool-less and standard models.”

Tru-Tec Three Arrow Quiver

One of TruGlo’s hottest new products for 2011 was the Tru-Tec Quiver—a step up from quivers offered by TruGlo in the past. “The Tru-Tec’s popularity was mainly based on its key features which included an all-machined, aluminum spined, five-arrow quiver with a patented, positive quick disconnect. New for 2012 will be a three-arrow version of the Tru-Tec,” McNail said. “Based on our previous performance with three-arrow quivers, we don’t expect quite as much enthusiasm for the smaller version, but the market likes options and there is certainly a segment of archers that prefer the three-arrow option.”

carbon xs quiver

Carbon XS Quiver

One of TruGlo’s most popular bowsights has been the Carbon XS. “Given the success and tremendous positive feedback surrounding the Carbon XS, we decided to take the same carbon molding concept and apply it to a matching quiver. The result is the Carbon XS Quiver. This quiver is a nice, compact, five-arrow design and hits a great price point for the market. The Carbon XS Quiver has TruGlo’s popular quick disconnect and following the market’s trend of quivers being as much inline with the sight as possible, we’ve developed a new mounting bracket that allows the Carbon XS Quiver to sit back from the sight mount and in towards the bow for better balance overall balance,” McNail said.

tru tec qd stabilizer

Tru-Tec QD Stabilizer

Working along the lines of grouping components and design features, TruGlo has launched the Tru-Tec QD Stabilizer for 2012. “The Tru-Tec Stabilizer starts with a patent-pending, quick disconnect that requires a mere quarter-turn to lock or detach. The Tru-Tec QD features a combination carbon-composite main rod and measures 7.8 inches in length while tipping the scales at slightly less than five ounces. The molded front end of the stabilizer handles the vibration dampening in addition to the carbon-composite center rod,” Jeff enthusiastically detailed.

triton red dot

Trident Red Dot Sight

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying the growing popularity of crossbows. Recognizing this trend TruGlo has upped the ante with the expansion of its optics designed specifically for horizontal bows. “Our 2012 Trident uses a three-dot reticle with a decreasing diameter reticle to keep the visual aspect constant at any distance,” McNail touted.

The Trident is available in a three-color model and features red, blue or green reticles. Beyond color, the Trident is breaking barriers thanks to its low-profile design and uses a pressure switch to activate. “It seems like one of the things people do with illuminated optics is leave them on. With our new pressure switch, the battery life of the Trident is greatly improved. The Trident easily mounts to any picatinny rail or Weaver mount and is a great addition to our line,” McNail said.

With TruGlo you can truly get a custom experience with most any of its products. “This year we have really expanded our existing options to offer a variety of camo choices. Beyond our basic black option, for 2012 TruGlo will offer models in APG, AP, Lost and on some models Lost AP and Mossy Oak Infinity,” McNail concluded.

The aforementioned is simply the short list of new and exciting products TruGlo will be offering for 2012, but rest assured with the knowledge that the others are every bit as exciting and are worth the time to check out.

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