7 Stabilizers — From Basic to Advanced

Stabilizers are often overlooked during the initial bow purchase but are a contributing factor for optimizing balance — which leads to increased accuracy.

7 Stabilizers — From Basic to Advanced

A well-designed stabilizer will help bowhunters and competition shooters complete a balancing act that will maximize accuracy in the field and on the range. It does this by minimizing pin movement while aiming to keep the archer firmly planted on target.

A standard stabilizer is placed at the front of the bow, which directs inertia directly in line with the target. Most bowhunters prefer models in the 6- to 12-inch range for mobility, while competition shooters fancy longer models.

Check out these seven top-performing models, in order by price.


Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Hunter

The Nitro Hunter is a unique stabilizer that balances the bow, destroys vibration and is pleasing to the eye. Sawtooth blades found on the lightweight aluminum body of the stabilizer are made from vibration destroying material that quickly quiets and smooths out today’s high-speed bows.

The Nitro Hunter is available in 5.5-inch (5 ounces) and 7.5-inch (6 ounces) versions. Both models will help keep the bow balanced in the hand for better downrange accuracy and an overall better shooting experience while adding an element of style to the bow. The Nitro Hunter comes in nine colors: black, red, blue, orange, lime green, pink, purple, yellow and turquoise. It is also available in Next G1 Vista camo.

MSRP: $28.50/5.5-inch; $33.99/7.5-inch

CONTACT: www.pineridgearchery.com


TruGlo 8-inch Carbon Fiber Cadence

The new Cadence 8-inch carbon fiber stabilizer from TruGlo is built to deliver optimal vibration resistance and balance without adding undue weight to the bow. This 8.5-ounce stabilizer begins with a CNC-machined aluminum base that fits all bows and utilizes a carbon fiber shaft that terminates with an off-set dampening system. The Cadence system includes dampeners positioned along both the horizontal and vertical axis to provide omnidirectional dampening of bow vibration and to maximize noise reduction.

As with many of TruGlo’s premium archery products, the Cadence features the popular Tru•Touch soft-feel technical coating, which minimizes noise when impacting brush or other obstacles in the field. Its weight–forward design provides for better bow stability and balance.

MSRP: $39.99

CONTACT: www.truglo


PSE Archery Recon 10

The Black Mountain Recon 10-inch stabilizer by PSE Archery is a great match for any hunting bow. Its lightweight 5.3-ounce ultra-stiff carbon body coupled with an adjustable weight system provides the optimized balance needed to make consistently accurate shots on game. It features vibration cancelling inserts and three 1-ounce disc weights that allow shooters to fine tune the balance of their bows.

The Black Mountain Recon 10 stabilizer is available in black and Mossy Oak Country, KUIU Verde and TrueTimber Strata camo finishes.

MSRP: $49.99

CONTACT: www.psearchery.com


Stokerized Edge Hunter

The new Edge Hunter line of stabilizers has been completely redesigned, as well as expanded upon, to bring affordability and function to any bowhunter. The super-stiff and extremely lightweight Edge Hunter stabilizers are fully machined from 6061 aluminum.

A unique exoskeleton stabilizer design enables the company to build all of its Edge aluminum models within weights very comparable to its Carbon SL models.

MSRP: Starting at $66.99/5-inch; $75.99/7-inch; $84.99/9-inch; $92.99/12-inch; $99.99/15-inch

CONTACT: www.stokerized.com


CBE Torx Carbon Micro

The CBE Torx carbon micro stabilizer delivers balance and stability while combining vibration reducing technology into a slim and lightweight design. Its tapered fit ensures the stabilizer doesn’t move once set, while the integrated front and back bar quick disconnect allows easy disassembly for travel if needed.

The 8-, 10- or 15-inch-high modules’ micro carbon rod features a seamless integration of the dampers and 2 ounces of black nitride stainless-steel weights. Designed to mount on the front or back of the riser, the Torx Carbon Micro is available as a stand-alone stabilizer or as one of two kit options in 8 and 10 inch or 10 and 15 inch versions.

MSRP: Starting at $89.99/8-inch; $99.99/10-inch; $109.99/15-inch

CONTACT: www.custombowequipment.com


Bee Stinger Microhex

The new Bee Stinger Microhex Counter Slide stabilizer with exclusive Countervail technology delivers 40 percent less vibration and offers limitless configurations to customize the optimal balance of any hunting or target bow and allows additional weight distribution both forward and back.

It’s available in gray, brown, tan, olive and matte black finishes, and in 10-, 12- and 15-inch models and includes a dovetail mount.

MSRP: $129.99-$154.99

CONTACT: www.beestinger.com


HHA Sports Tetra LRZ

The Tetra LRZ stabilizer from HHA Sports was developed for hardcore archers who want to be able to fine tune every aspect of their setup for maximum performance.

It features patented technology with internal and external dampening and gives the shooter the ability to micro-adjust the overall length of the unit from 6 to 10 inches. This provides the ability to achieve perfect balance with any bow, resulting in higher scores, greater confidence and more success in the field. Add the optional weights, side bar, quick disconnect and wrist sling to fully optimize the setup.

MSRP: $219.99

CONTACT: www.hhasports.com


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