Modify Your Shooting Sticks

I use a bipod style of shooting stick, but I have given it a makeover that increased its effectiveness in the field. Any hunter can make these modifications to any shooting stick, homemade or commercial.

Modify Your Shooting Sticks

shooting sticksStep One: Match Your Terrain

Most store-bought sticks are black, but it's best to match the surroundings where you hunt. My problem is that I hunt in the snow almost half the year. Painting the bipod white isn't effective, because in spring and summer, this country is lush green. The solution – white sports tape in a single strip down one side of each pole with camouflage cloth tape on the other side, thereby creating a bipod for all seasons. In snow, face the white side of the sticks outwards. When no snow is present, simply face the camouflage side outwards.

Step Two: Minimize Movement

An on-board squeaker is one of the best shooting stick modifications. It is precisely where you need it to coax an animal in those last crucial yards while you keep your eyes on the target and your rifle perfectly positioned for the shot. Position a bulb type squeaker near the top of the stick so that it is convenient to operate as you brace for a shot. To maximize versatility, attach the squeaker with Velcro and place a strip of Velcro on each pole. This allows you to switch the squeaker from side to side depending on which camouflage is facing outward. There was a time when I tried a call on both poles, but that led to too many errant squeaks when bumping the call by mistake. The use of Velcro to switch sides is more efficient.


Shooting sticks are an essential piece of predator hunting gear. Don't settle for just "good enough." Maximize your success by critiquing and perfecting every piece of gear you take into the field. The difference between success and failure is attention to every little detail.


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