Minimize the Shakes with a Solid Rest

Become Steady Eddie on the rifle by always using a shooting aid.

Minimize the Shakes with a Solid Rest

Having a solid shooting platform will help put more fur in the truck.

Steadying a predator rifle is always a challenge. The sight of an approaching bright red fox, spotted bobcat or pack of coyotes often inspires the shakes. You can minimize them with an attached bipod, a tripod, monopod, or even a backpack in your lap. But I think a hand-held bipod is most versatile. 

Portable Steady Stix (the original), Predator Sniper Styx and similar bipods are ideal because they don’t unbalance a rifle with added weight. You can spread them extra wide to lower your shooting angle or squeeze them closer together to raise it — most useful in hilly country where you might be shooting steeply down or up. 

The Steady Stix I’ve been using for more than a decade accommodate sitting, kneeling and prone positions. I usually sit. This gets me and the muzzle above most grass and low shrubs. If a coyote approaches from the back, I can spin on my butt and face the correct direction in a second. If more than one customer arrives at once, I can drop the sticks and swing freely to address runners. 

You can make your own sitting-height shooting sticks out of dowel rods or aluminum tent poles, arrows, etc. Join them with a few wraps of inner tube rubber or put a bolt through them. Sit with your back against a cut bank, post, tree or even a bush and you’ll find your aim impressively steady.


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