New Laws Include “Evil Features” Ban In California

The beginning of 2017 means new laws are becoming official. Two laws — one in California, one in Illinois — are particularly impactful.

New Laws Include “Evil Features” Ban In California

Now that we’re fully in 2017, there are new laws in California and Illinois that hunters and outdoorsmen should know.

The Illinois state passed a law that’ll give catfish anglers new options. As of Jan. 1, it is no longer illegal to catch catfish using a pitchfork, speargun or bow and arrow, Fox News reports. The state has also changed the name of “public hunting ground pheasants” to “public hunting ground for game birds.”

"Evil Features"

On the West Coast, California’s new law hinders gun owners. Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation banning semi-auto rifles with “evil features.”

What are “evil features?” Good question.

Fox News reports “evil features” include pistol grip, flash holders and bullet buttons. Knowing the new law was soon to pass, gun owners responded.

The Associated Press reports that as of Dec. 9, 2016, the California Department of Justice showed 364,643 rifles sold in the year. On that date in 2015, only 153,931 rifles that year. The latest law restricting guns marks Brown’s sixth in the last year.

What do you think of the new laws? Did you go out before New Year’s Day and buy a rifle with “evil features?” Do you plan on fishing this year in Illinois with a pitchfork? Let us know.


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