Slick Treestand Accessories

Ambush from above has some obvious advantages—especially when you’ve prepared customers for more success with the latest and greatest treestand accessories.
Slick Treestand Accessories
bohning bark shark

Bohning Archery

Treestanders everywhere need to check out the neat new Bark Shark from Bohning Archery (231-229-4247;, designed to hold your quiver and other hunting accessories, and even includes a built-in broadhead wrench.

At the heart of The Bark Shark is a small, portable quiver mount designed for bowhunters who prefer to remove their quiver—the universal design accepts mounting brackets for most popular detachable quivers. The Bark Shark attaches silently to tree trunks or limbs without tools or screws, using a strong nylon cord. The high strength polymer design weighs less than 3 ounces; it can support a fully loaded quiver and up to 20 pounds of gear with its built-in accessory hooks.

leverage treestand steps

Leverage Climbing Sticks

The Single Climbing Stick ($39) and 3-Pack Climbing Sticks ($99) are both new from Leverage Treestands (800-450-3343; These all-aluminum sticks have two-sided, V-shaped steps. The sticks weigh 2.5 pounds each, measure 32 inches long, and are stackable for easy packing. Because they each attach to the tree independently, they can accommodate tree bends that single-piece ladder sticks can’t.

tree stand buddy bracket

Tree Stand Buddy

Avid hang-on treestand users everywhere will appreciate the unique and proven Tree Stand Buddy (877-987-2723;, a universal hang-on treestand bracket system that is designed to provide much safer installation of a treestand. The hoisting feature allows you to climb your tree without having to worry about carrying your treestand with you. Also, the unique no-wobble bracket allows you to quickly and easily mount and remove your stand to take home with you, preventing theft; if your customers purchase several brackets they’ll save money by using fewer treestands. Archery pro shop dealers everywhere will appreciate the fact that Tree Stand Buddy requires no minimum orders, and offers a money-back guarantee to qualified dealers for unsold brackets.

predator hang on buddy

Hang-On Buddy

Predator Innovations’ (877-831-1525; Hang-On Buddy ($30) offers a safer and easier alternative to hanging stands. A steel mounting base, tested to up to 1,400 pounds, is ratchet-strapped to the tree, with the universal mounting hooks bolted to the treestand. Once the base is secured, one can pull up the stand and simply hook it into place, inserting the locking pin to further secure it. With the purchase of additional bases ($20), one can prep numerous trees and switch the stand between them nearly as effectively as having stands already set in each tree. As a bonus, because the stand can easily be removed after the hunt, doing so can eliminate the threat of stand theft.

ladderstand 2nd man

Ladderstand 2nd Man

The Ladderstand 2nd Man ($80) is .30-06 Outdoors’ (614-409-9300; innovative new product that makes putting up even the tallest, heaviest ladders safer and easier. The 600-pound-rated winch bracket straps to the tree, with ground swivel pegs bracing the base of the ladder in place. After positioning and bracing the ladder on the ground, the treestand tether strap, attached to the end of the 25-foot winch strap, is secured to the upper portion of the ladder steps. With that, one simply cranks the ladder up in place.

After attaching the ladder stand’s brace bar to the tree, the ladder is already secure, making attaching the ladder’s own upper straps/ratchets/chain a much safer and more stable operation. Once complete, it can either be left for added stability or removed for use with another ladder. Additional uses include hoisting game for butchering and lifting game up embankments.

hunters safety system

Hunter Safety System

Hunter Safety System (256-773-7732; now offers the Pro Series Vest Infinity ($150). It has eight pockets, a ventilated mesh design, slimmer tailoring with elastic sleeve holes, rubber-coated leg strap buckles, single front buckle, and built-in binoc/rangefinder straps. It’s the same as HSS’s other Pro Vest, but uses Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity instead of Realtree Hardwoods Green. Also new is the Ultra Lite X-treme Harness ($120). Using Realtree camo, it weighs just 2 pounds and has built-in binoc/rangefinder straps. You’ll also find padded shoulder straps, silent, rubber-coated leg strap buckles, and a single front buckle.

tree spider harness

Tree Spider Speed Harness

Robinson Outdoor Products’ (507-263-2885; Tree Spider Speed Harness ($140) comes with the Spider Speed Clips patented integration system, one aluminum Powerlink carabineer, vertical climbing loops, and two Venom leg buckles. With shoulder strap and leg adjustments, it comes in S-3XL sizes.

gorilla g 15 tree harness

G-15 Treestand Safety Harness

The new G-15 Treestand Safety Harness ($100) from Gorilla (877-685-7817; utilizes the patent-pending Energy Absorbing System to reduce the shock of a fall. Its bevy of adjustments allows it to be a “one size fits all” model. It has a 30-inch tether, providing a 360-degree range of movement, and comes with a climbing strap/suspension relief strap, extra-wide waist and leg straps, and a lineman’s and quick-connect tree strap.

oak sturdy treesnake


OakSturdy (608-445-6104; has two new products of interest. The first is The Tree Snake ($30). It fits in your pack and extends to ensure the belts, straps, and ropes you need are in easy reach when mounting around any large-diameter tree. No more throwing and hoping you catch your straps. Instead, attach them to The Tree Snake, and you can reach your strap the first time, every time so you can safely secure your stand.

oak sturdy octopus

OakSturdy’s Octopus Bow and Accessory Hanger ($75) is designed to ensure all your gear is within safe, easy reach. The mounting plate secures to the tree and may be left in place when you are not in your stand. The extender arms lock in place in the mounting plate where they are then extended out, allowing you to hang all your gear, including your bow. Each extender arm features two dual-hook placements so you can hang up to eight items all within arm’s reach, and they can be removed and packed out when you leave.


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