Clean-Shot Archery Nock Out Lighted Nock System

Clean-Shot Archery's Nock Out® Lighted Nock system is simple-to-use, fits any arrow shaft, enjoys long battery life and weighs only 20 grains!
Clean-Shot Archery Nock Out Lighted Nock System

Clean-Shot Archery, a company known for creating innovative archery products, introduces the Nock Out® Lighted Nock system - guaranteed to make lighted nock users exclaim, "Finally a frustration-free lighted nock!"

Gone are the days of unreliable actuating systems, frustrating magnets and lighted nocks that choose to work only when perfectly seated. With near perfect reliability, the Nock Out's new take on lighted nock technology eliminates idiosyncrasies that make lighted nocks so frustrating to use! Nock Out® lighted nocks are simple-to-use, fit any arrow shaft, enjoy long battery life and weigh only 20 grains!  

Product Features

  • Practice Mode - A simple 1/4 turn of the nock activation collar deactivates the light. Deactivate the light for use in bright sunlight or when you just don't want the LED light activating. No need to switch between regular and lighted nocks for hunting or practice shooting.
  • Easy Off - Simply pull the nock straight back until you hear or feel the click and the light turns off - no tools required. This system is the easiest to use on the market.
  • Universal Fit - One package of Nock Out® lighted nocks includes adapter bushings to fit most common arrow sizes. This means no matter if you choose to shoot micro-diameter shafts, standard or specialty diameters, odds are one package of Nock Out® lighted nocks will cover almost every shaft including G, S, H, X and GT diameter arrows.
  • Reliable and Weatherproof - Proven light stick design means Nock Out® lighted nocks won't malfunction in the rain and when used with a proper adapter can even be used for bowfishing!

With Nock Out® lighted nocks there's no assembly and no glue is required to have a proper fit. They sport 24-hour battery life and a 3-pack has an MSRP of $28.99. 


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