Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Hunting Wife

You want to keep your spouse heading afield with you? Here are 10 perfect presents for your best hunting buddy.
Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Hunting Wife

OK, Meathead. I know hunting season is winding down and you’ve been busy in the woods. Still, you have to do some Christmas shopping, right? So this year, why not surprise her with thoughtful items that will make her time afield more enjoyable.

Here are 10 surefire winners.

10. Case of Handwarmers

Not just handwarmers, but also body warmers and toe warmers. When you use two, they use six — at least. HotHands and Grabber have never let either me nor my wife down.

9. Yeti Rambler

On chilly fall hunts nothing keeps you hunting longer and harder than a nice hot beverage. On hot days, the same can be said for an icy drink. After hours and hours, the Yeti Rambler 18-, 36- and 64-ounce bottles will keep drinks extremely cold or hot for hours on end in all sorts of weather. Pour them into a Rambler 20-ounce Tumbler and they’ll stay that way for a long time, too. (Hint: Is there a better way to justify buying a set for you, too?)

8. Shooting Sticks

Whether it’s shooting a rifle or crossbow at big game, small game or varmints, or waiting for a big gobbler to come strutting in, holding the weapon at the ready without wiggling is difficult for woman (confession: me, too). A set of quality shooting sticks from Bog Pod or Caldwell Shooting Supplies, Primos or Stoney Point Products will both take the wiggles away, and enhance accuracy. What’s the downside?

7. Proper Gun/Bow Fitting

Accurate shooting is already difficult enough without handicapping oneself with a long gun or bow that doesn’t fit the individual perfectly. A perfect draw length/draw weight combination makes bow shooting so much easier. The worse thing a shotgun shooter can have is a gun with the incorrect length of pull. Make sure a rifle stock’s comb is high enough to make looking through a scope possible without extra effort. This is time and money well spent.

6. Optical/Laser Sight for Handgun/Shotgun

Like me, my wife is getting older, and it’s almost impossible for her to use open sights any more. So I put an Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red-Dot sight on her turkey gun, and BAM! She’s more confident, which brings lethality. My 1911 now sports a Crimson Trace Laser Grip, and we both can shoot it well now. All upside with this dance move.

5. Shooting Lessons

Nobody is born a natural shooter, whether it be with guns or bows. Giving her shooting lessons from a true professional will pay off in spades. Could be a one-day class at conducted by a local pro shop, or a multi-day package at Gunsite Academy. Bonus Points: Take the class with her, make a fun time of it and be amazed at how much you learn, too.

4. Guided Hunt

Sure you’re her best hunting buddy — but sometimes letting a pro take her hunting is a treat. I’ve taken Cheryl on several guided turkey hunts as we work toward filling out her Grand Slam, and she’s loved every experience. Big game, small game, turkeys, waterfowl, doesn’t really matter. It’s all good.

3. Clothes That Fit

One thing women (men, too) hate are clothes that don’t fit. Making them wear hunting garments designed for men ensures they won’t. You can shop for women-friendly garments from companies like Cabela’s, Under Armour, Prois, Girls With Guns, ScentLok, ScentBlocker and others that design garments specifically for ladies. They’ll love you for it.

2. Spa Package

What lady doesn’t like a bit of pampering? At season’s end, treat her to a massage, facial and having her nails done at her favorite spa. Follow that by a nice meal at her favorite restaurant. Let her know she’s the most important person in your life — and your best hunting buddy, too. There’s just no downside to this.

1. Becoming An Outdoors Woman Course

Developed by Dr. Christine Thomas, Dean of the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Becoming an Outdoors Woman (or BOW) classes are offered in most states. They’re hands-on workshops for adult women with an interest in learning outdoor skills such as hunting, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, among other outdoor endeavors. Workshops are tailored primarily to women who are new or who are beginners eager to improve their skills. Might last a day or a weekend (there are even some international trips), but one thing’s for sure: your spouse will make new friends, learn a lot and want to hit the woods bad once she’s completed the course. You can find a state-by-state listing here.

What are you getting your wife for Christmas? Drop me a note at and give me some suggestions. I could use a couple!

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