Did you ever feel like leaving it all behind and taking up the trapping lifestyle of Jim Bridger, Jedidiah Smith or even the fictitious Jeremiah Johnson — based on the real-life John “Liver-Eating” Johnson? You might have to think about that one. Who really wants to give up their Netflix?

Nevertheless, I’ve always wanted to be a more proficient trapper. Trapping has many benefits for managing predators over hunting. For one, a trapping regiment continues working even if you’re busy at your grade school student’s ball practice. Second, you can cover an entire property for management purposes as opposed to one or two calling sites when on rifle duty.

Along with all this gear, the Dakotaline kit includes two instructional DVDs

Finally, you can trap 365 days a year, so once you have a routine and objective set your management doesn’t take a break. It’s always working and that’s what you need to control predators on a wildlife property. Coyotes, fox, skunks, raccoons, opossum and even beavers can impede your wildlife goals. Whether it’s fawn predation, game-bird nest destruction or even habitat loss due to beaver activities, trapping can help minimize or even outright solve many issues.

Dakotaline, one of the top trapping manufacturers and distributors in the country, now makes it easier than ever to meet your wildlife property goals and become Jeremiah Johnson. The company is offering a predator trapping kit titled the Complete Land Management Predator Package. It has everything packaged together for the beginner, novice and even seasoned trapping veteran to better their game.

To get you started, the kit includes two instructional DVDs. Watching the videos will jumpstart your skills with the six Bridger #1.75 traps and 12 neck snares included. That’s a total of 18 traps to monitor your property while you’re at baseball practice. Foothold traps can be used in dirt-hole sets, flat sets and post sets for nearly every predator walking your property. Neck snares work particularly well on trail-cruising coyotes. Bait, a sifter, a trowel, a hammer and other essential tools of trapping are included.

Like many outdoor activities, it takes several months of research and shopping at a variety of outlets to acquire the gear you need for your pursuit. This kit includes it all along with expert advice. Dakotaline values the package at $230, but it is priced economically at $189.95.