Eberlestock Has What Your Pack Might Be Missing

Sacrificing gear because your pack is full is a thing of the past. Eberlestock’s new H2 Gunrunner will make sure you never have to decide between gear and comfort again.

Eberlestock Has What Your Pack Might Be Missing

The coyote appeared at the other end of the long field. It was on a dead run toward the sound of a dying rabbit that was coming from my FOXPRO. I prepared for the shot as the coyote would be running into my point of aim in a few seconds. That was, at least, until he disappeared into the woods to my immediate left. I knew what he was doing. He wanted to approach the sound via the timber, as it offered him more of a sense of security than the open field .

I adjusted the shot in anticipation of him coming out of the woods in an opening I saw about thirty yards away. But the coyote had other plans. He popped up less than 20 feet in front of me.

Trying to acquire a moving animal through a scope on a rifle at close range is difficult. Needless to say, I whiffed the shot and he got away through the woods and never offered me another chance to redeem myself.

As I replayed the scenario in my mind, I kept telling myself I would have had my hands on that varmint had I brought my 12-gauge along on the stand. Where was my shotgun? In the car. Why? Because when making multiple stands, lugging a rifle and a shotgun plus a caller, shooting sticks, a seat, the camera and the kitchen sink can get a little daunting — not to mention unsafe. Until now.

The H2 Gunrunner

I recently discovered the H2 Gunrunner by Eberlestock. It is a hybrid gun scabbard and day pack all in one.

The gun scabbard allows me to carry my unloaded bolt-action rifle in a safe, protected manner while being able to have my 12-gauge at the ready when walking between stands.

best packOnce I arrive at the stand, I can quickly access my rifle and my sticks from the gun sleeve. The main compartment holds my e-caller, remote, camera, seat and anything else that will prepare me for what the stand will hold.

The H2 Gunrunner also has a pouch in the main area for a hydration unit (not included), as well as port holes to run the tubes through to either shoulder strap. A smaller compartment up top is perfect for mouth calls, rangefinder and spare batteries.

The entire pack has mole webbing for customizating the pack to your specific needs. It also features vertical and horizontal compression straps to stabilize your load.

Eberlestock offers the H2 in seven different colors and camo patterns. (Western Slope shown in picture.)

I recently got a chance to put this pack to the test during a two-week coyote hunting binge in southern Missouri. I hunted from sunrise to sundown for 14 days solid. This pack changed my hunting style for the better. I was fully prepared for every stand, which in turn boosted my confidence in squaring off with one of this continent's wiliest animals.

Because of the high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, I know this pack will be my hunting companion for many years ahead.

If you are looking to solve some of the same hunting woes I had, or simply just want a great hunting pack, check out Eberlestock. There’s an entire line of packs and hunting/shooting gear that will surely fulfill your predator hunting needs.

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