Ravin Steel Mechanical Broadhead

The new Ravin Steel mechanical broadhead is specifically designed for today’s uber-powerful crossbows.

Ravin Steel Mechanical Broadhead

Rear-deploying, 100-grain Ravin Steel mechanical broadheads, designed especially for Ravin Crossbows, are constructed to hold up to the punishment delivered by today’s high-energy, ultra-fast crossbows. The heads are made from 416 steel, which the company says delivers extreme accuracy, deep penetration and devastating terminal performance. Ravin Steel blades deploy upon impact to a 2-inch cutting diameter, and they’ve been tested and approved for crossbows shooting up to 450 fps. Ravin Steel broadheads utilize a single piece of ferrule and internal spring clip, eliminating the need for lock rings and O-rings. MSRP: $64.99/Three pack. Contact: www.ravincrossbows.com

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