Field Test: Carbon Express Maxima Blu 350

If you don’t pay attention to your arrow selection, you’re crippling your bow’s performance. Bauserman tests the Carbon Express MaXIMA BLU 350.

Field Test: Carbon Express Maxima Blu 350

Testing Information:

Bow: Elite Archery Impulse 31
Draw Length: 29 inches
Draw Weight: 65 pounds
Rest: QAD UltraRest HDX
Sight: Black Gold 3-Pin Moveable
Arrows Tested: Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ 350
Arrow Length: All arrows were cut and constructed to a finished length of 28.75 inches (not including field tip or broadhead).
Arrow Fletch: Two-inch Bohning Blazer Vane with 6-inch Bohning wrap
Arrow Fletch Orientation: 3-degree right helical
Arrow Head Selection: All arrows were fitted with 100-grain 5⁄16-inch tread Saunders Combo Points, 100-grain Rage Hypodermics or 100-grain Wac ‘Em 4-Blades.


Contact Information: (800) 241-4833;

Finished Arrow Weight: 378.3 grains

Three Arrow Average Speed: 298 fps

Kinetic Energy: 74.61 foot-pounds.

According to the Carbon Express website, the Maxima BLU RZ is “a new standard in arrow performance.” The BLU RZ is constructed with Carbon Express’ proprietary Diamond Weave carbon material and features a high-tech carbon shaft designed with stiffer ends. The idea behind this innovative design is to isolate the arrow’s flex in the middle of the shaft.

Test 1: Accuracy

Wind: 5 to 7 mph

A true tack driver! The Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ steered broadheads like a champ out to the tested distance of 70 yards.

With my Elite Impulse 31 tuned perfectly (paper- and bare-shaft tuned), I shot three arrows at 40, 50, 60 and 70 yards with field points. For how I shoot, my groups impressed me. All 12 arrows were inside the 10-ring on a Rinehart Pronghorn target. My last 70-yard group had two arrows touching one another, and the third was on the line of the 10- and 12-ring.

My expandable broadhead test followed suit. I shot the same number of arrows from the same distances with virtually the same results. Not one of the 12 expandable-tipped arrows hit outside of the 10-ring on my Rinehart pronghorn.

What I was most impressed with, however, was the BLU’s ability to stabilize and guide fixed-blade heads. I made zero changes to my sight and rest, and out to 60 yards, I didn’t have a single arrow stray outside my Block’s 6.5- x 7.5-inch white hexagon. My first 70-yard group had one arrow dead-center inside the hexagon, and the other two were just outside the top-right corner. I repeated the 70-yard test three more times (nine more 70-yard arrows). Nine of the 12 arrows were inside the hexagon, and the other three were millimeters outside the top-right corner. This is one extremely accurate shaft.

Test 2: Noise

For the noise test, I placed a set of Walker’s Game Ear Razor Series Folding Muffs on a high-definition microphone. The Razor Series features two omni-directional microphones and boasts sound-activated compression with a .02-second reaction time. After shooting 12 arrows past my noise-gathering contraption at 50 yards, all I could detect was a slight hum during playback. The BLU RZ is a quiet shaft.

Test 3: Penetration

Shot into three fresh Block spots from a distance of 30 yards, the Maxima BLU RZ 350 penetrated an average of 14.5 inches.


Carbon Express’ Maxima BLU RZ is an engineering marvel. I’ve hunted with the arrow on many occasions and will continue to use this highly accurate shaft.


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