Deer Stands Provide Shelter for Missing Woman

Missing woman lost in wooded bottomland for two days took shelter in deer stands and avoided severe dehydration by drinking pond water.

Deer Stands Provide Shelter for Missing Woman

According to the Starkville Daily News, 23-year-old missing woman and Ole Miss student Victoria Hudson was missing for two days in a heavily wooded area of Clay County, Mississippi.

The area, described by the daily news publication as “snake and hog-infested bottom land,” was dotted with shooting houses and treestands, where the woman took shelter while missing.

“Overall she was in pretty good health, she seemed like she did have some dehydration and the ambulance took her on,” Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott told the Starkville paper. “She told me herself she drank some water out of some creeks and ponds and she was getting into the deer shooting houses at night, out of the elements. I think overall she used some common sense when she got out there.”

Hudson was taken to a nearby hospital on Saturday, July 7, where she was treated for dehydration and exhaustion. She reported herself missing via cell phone in the early hours of Thursday morning, July 5, before her phone shut off. Ultimately, the missing woman was found walking along an area that had been searched previously. Local police reported that Hudson had driven through a locked gate and out along the Tennessee Valley Authority power line, before plunging her vehicle into a shallow creek. Why Hudson was on the road is unknown.

“Dozens of volunteers showed up on ATVs to aid in the search, while the Air Force and Tennessee Valley Authority both contributed helicopters for the search,” according to Starkville Daily News.

Hudson posted a note of gratitude on her Facebook page following the incident:

More recently, Hudson started a fundraiser on her Facebook page to raise $490 for an anti-worm medication. The fundraising descriptions offers these details:

“Anti-worm medication. Prevents newly hatched insect larvae from whip worm, pinworm, roundworm and hookworms from growing or multiplying. Also treats any infections caused by worms. It’s a single pill and is needed from drinking pond water. It’s very expensive for this one pill.”


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