Does a Mature Whitetail Buck Snort? Here's the Video Proof!

Some deer hunters incorrectly believe that when they hear a deer snort, it must be a doe. A mature buck will snort at you, and here's the video proof.

Does a Mature Whitetail Buck Snort? Here's the Video Proof!

Any deer hunter who spends a considerable amount of time in the field will be busted by a whitetail's incredible sense of smell. Many times you hear a deer snort, but can't see the wary animal due to thick cover. Can you assume that the snort came from a doe, because mature whitetail bucks don't snort?

I remember an uncle of mine in deer camp telling me that big bucks don't snort; they sneak away without making a sound. I was only 12 and a beginning deer hunter, so I believed him. He was wrong.

Check out the video below for proof that mature bucks snort. And they stomp their front hooves, too.

The backlighting in this clip highlights the buck's breathing and snort better than anything I've witnessed in person. Amazing video. (Tip: Turn up the volume on your computer or phone for best viewing.)


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