VIDEO: Rhino hunter becomes the hunted

"It's because I have people threatening to kill me right now. I'm having to talk to the FBI and have private security to keep my children from being skinned alive and shot at."

Corey Knowlton won the Dallas Safari Club's auction for a black rhino hunting permit for $350,000, which would allow him to hunt the rare species in Namibia, in southern Africa. Critics are outraged, and Knowlton now has a security detail because of death threats.

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Knowlton, 35, is a Dallas-based hunting consultant for The Hunting Consortium, an international guide service. He's also the co-host of a hunting show on The Outdoor Channel called "Jim Shockey's The Professionals." Knowlton's online biography says he's hunted more than 120 species on almost every continent.


He describes himself as a passionate conservationist and desperately wants to explain to his critics why hunting one old black rhino can help save critically endangered species around the world. He knows it's a difficult conversation full of scathing-hot emotion.

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Editor's Note: A thousand apologies for the Piers Morgan video.


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