VIDEO: Build your own shooting sticks

Follow these steps to an economical set of shooting sticks.

Follow these steps to an economical set of shooting sticks.

Cut your garden stakes to length with a hacksaw opposite the pointy ends as they dig into the ground for stability. Now cross the sticks and get a feel for where you want the sticks to cross. I settled on a point 9 inches from the top. Mark the spot and use your drill and a matching bit to create a hole through each stake for the connecting bolt and nut. Place the rubber washer against the stake as a cushion between the hardware and plastic. Tighten the nut, but don't over tighten. You want the sticks to open and close easily. Cut the fuel line to 6 inches and slide down the top of the sticks near the cross. I put a dab of super glue on mine to prevent slippage. Dab some glue on your end plugs then seal the holes on top of the stakes. You're almost finished. The sticks come pre-camouflaged, but can use tan, black or white spray paint to create camouflage stripes. Let it dry and shoot straight!

Cost Breakdown

5-foot garden stakes (2) @ $1.97 each: $3.94

Package of 6/32-inch machine screws and nut: $.98

Package of black rubber washers: $.81

½-inch fuel line, 1-foot: $.99

3/8-inch end plugs (2) @ $1.41: $2.82

Super Glue: $3.68

TOTAL: $13.22

Additional Costs

Spray paint (if you want more camouflage): $3.87


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