Predator-Hunting Vest Can Make You A Better Hunter

Are you frustrated with forgetting items while calling predators? A predator-hunting vest is likely to drive your success rates up.

Predator-Hunting Vest Can Make You A Better Hunter

Most predator hunters have a wish list of items that they believe will take their hunting game to the next level. That list may contain: a new AR, the latest e-caller, or a special decoy that will have the varmints rushing in. In this, I’m as guilty as the next guy; however, the item that wasn’t on my radar was a hunting vest.

A few years ago I was given a hunting vest as a gift. I politely accepted it, but honestly thought I wouldn’t get much use out of it. Man, was I wrong. Now, I don’t have to worry about forgetting those necessary items that make or break a stand like batteries for my remote or e-caller or my wind indicator. These items stay tucked securely in my vest. Other items I carry that have saved my hunts are: extra bullets or shells, Otis bore snake, small first-aid kit, water bottle and energy snack.

Two companies have vests that are designed specifically for predator hunters. The first is FOXPRO’s Furtaker Predator Vest. The company no longer carries it, but in a recent conversation with a company pro staffer, Steve Dillion, he indicated that they are coming out with a 2.0 version soon. I'm a big fan of my Furtaker's vest, so I'm eager to check out the new model when available. The second, is Cabela’s Speedy Yote Kick Stand. It has lots of pockets and a built-in backrest for when you are in terrain with nothing to lean against. My hunting buddy has been using it for several seasons and he won't let anyone borrow it.

The old saying, “Luck favors the prepared,” is never more true than with hunting. Many times before my "vest days" I would have an opportunity to make a stand with only an hour remaining until dark. I'd be scrambling in my shed, grabbing whatever I thought I needed for a successful hunt, only to discover all the things I forgot once I was out in the field. Now, when those times arise, I simply grab my rifle and shotgun, slip on my hunting vest, and hit the woods with absolute confidence.


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