Great Gear: Liemke Keiler 35 Pro Thermal Monocular

Gain an edge for observing and tracking game in all light conditions.

Great Gear: Liemke Keiler 35 Pro Thermal Monocular

Liemke Keiler 35 Pro Thermal Monocular.

Liemke’s Keiler 35 Pro thermal monocular can detect heat signatures in all light conditions — nighttime, daytime, dawn and dusk — giving hunters a clear edge in the field when observing and tracking game. It has detection capability up to 1,350 yards and heat sources can be displayed in various color modes and enlarged digitally to show finer detail. The 35 Pro is built to withstand the heaviest downpours and has 50 Hz frame rates that ensures fast refresh for unsurpassed image quality and easy viewing and recording capability with internal data storage of 16 GB. It has integrated Wi-Fi that allows live image data to be transferred to an Android or Apple device up to 54 yards away. MSRP: $3,332. Contact:


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