Safari Club International Works to Blunt UK Trophy Ban

The U.K.'s Minister of International Wildlife, Zac Goldsmith, has called for a full ban on importation of any hunting-related item including heads, skins or other body parts from around the world. Safari Club International is working to blunt the attempt to fast-track approval of this proposed ban.

Safari Club International Works to Blunt UK Trophy Ban

Importation bans on hunting mounts aren't anything new, whether they're imposed on certain game animals or from specific countries.

Things are ramping up in the United Kingdom, though, according to Safari Club International. The organization says it is working to blunt an effort to fast-track an importation ban on many, if not all hunting trophies into the UK.

According to an SCI press release, UK Minister for International Wildlife Zac Goldsmith has proposed a total importation ban on heads, skins, or other body parts of wild animals from around the world. For a country with such a rich history of safaris and worldwide exploration, it's quite a heavy proposal. SCI says Goldsmith is attempting to fast-track the approval of the proposal through Parliament, which currently is wrestling yet again with more fighting about the Brexit arrangement.

SCI said it sent a letter on Sept. 29 to Goldsmith and others outlining great concern over the pending move. The letter included several recommendations including engaging with the environmental management ministries of the countries that will be affected by a potential ban, including Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was emphasized that these countries should be consulted in order to fully understand the impact a UK importation ban will have on the success of their conservation efforts.

SCI also sent a letter was sent to the embassies and ministers of the seven African countries that would be affected, notifying them of the issue and offering assistance in making contact with UK officials.

Recently 133 wildlife experts, in a letter to SCIENCE Magazine, placed scientific evidence over subjective sensitivities to recognize the importance of hunting in wildlife conservation. The authors also advised governments not to take actions that would undermine existing well-managed hunting programs. Although some of the wildlife experts admitted their personal discomfort with hunting, they noted that a "conservation policy that is not based on science threatens habitat and biodiversity and risks disempowering and impoverishing rural communities."

SCI encourages anyone with friends or associates in the UK wishing to making their voice known, to direct them to find their MP here:


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