Feral Hog Problem Grows in New South Wales, Australia

Around the world, feral hogs cause major problems and government agencies struggle to find solutions.

Feral Hog Problem Grows in New South Wales, Australia

Feral hogs reportedly are killing livestock and charging at people in New South Wales, where the country’s farmers association is asking for money and resources to fight the battle. The wild hogs in the southwest Australia territory have been damaging crops, showing up at farm feeding areas, harming water quality in creeks and other waterways, and causing issues on roads for vehicles.

“What I’m seeing is more and more in the paddock, in the creeks and the dams, and more on the road at night,” NSW Farmers Association President Xavier Martin told ABC News-Australia. “I’ve been charged and upended off my motorbike. A woman just west of us, I heard, was charged at the clothesline. Unless we can control 80 percent of these animals, they’re out breeding.”

Government assistance of $13 million to help fight the feral hogs was a start, he said. But Martin believes it might take $100 million or more to get the job done. “We’re really just getting little bits of bacon and we need the whole hog,” he said.

According to Bec Gray, feral pig coordinator of the NSW Local Land Services department, more than 69,000 hogs have been killed by the end of April. The goal, set this past autumn, was 87,000. Gray said 36 aerial shooting events had been conducted, with more on the schedule.


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