From The Readers: Whackin' South Carolina coyotes

Four coyotes in 15 minutes makes for a nice stand.
From The Readers: Whackin' South Carolina coyotes

I enjoyed Andrew Lewand’s article in the June issue of PX on hunting eastern coyotes — “Eastern Coyote Conundrum.” Eastern coyotes can be hard to hunt because of limited visibility and because sound doesn’t travel as far in the dense vegetation. I’m sure that we call in a lot more than we see because they wind us before we see them. One thing in our favor is that you only need to move about a quarter mile between calling sites.

One afternoon last August at about 4 p.m. my son heard coyotes howling after the train whistle got them started. I grabbed my New England Arms .223 Rem., and my Burnham Brothers Mini Howler and slipped quietly into the woods. The Mini Howler makes a good pup-in-distress sound, which is what I used. The coyotes came in one at a time and I killed all four in less than 15 minutes. What fun! My granddaughter Meredith helped me haul them up for a photo.


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