‘Incoming Robin Hood’ Video: Archer James Jean’s Most Dangerous Trick Shot

This archery trick shot falls in both the “I can’t believe what I just saw” and “don’t try this at home” categories.

‘Incoming Robin Hood’ Video: Archer James Jean’s Most Dangerous Trick Shot

Archery trick shot artist James Jean recently posted the video clip below to his Instagram page with the following text: “What would you call this trickshot? Incoming robinhood?”

I’ve covered Jean’s trick shots a few times on this website, and while all of his shots are tremendously impressive, this one is — by far — the most dangerous. In fact, in terms of shooting a bow, it’s the definition of  “don’t try this at home.”

Best I can tell from pausing and starting the video many times, Jean has a compound bow positioned horizontally approximately 15 yards away; it’s held in place on some type of stand. The compound is aiming toward him; like I said — dangerous. He controls when the compound fires an arrow by pressing a foot pedal; your guess is as good as mine regarding how he MacGyvered such a system.

The arrow isn’t racing toward him at hunting speeds, which means the compound’s bowstring isn’t pulled back fully. That said, the arrow is certainly traveling fast enough to cause some damage, especially if it hit Jean in the eye, face, neck, etc. 

As you’ll see, somehow Jean triggers the compound, which sends the arrow toward him at about chest high, then he draws his Bear Archery recurve and fires an arrow to intercept the first projectile. Jean not only strikes the first arrow, but he’s successful in splitting; i.e. an “incoming Robin Hood.” (Viewing tip: Be sure the video isn't on mute; that way you can hear both bows fire, as well as arrow impact.)



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