10 Deadly Big Game Broadheads

Broadheads have stood the test of time, delivering protein for the table and preserving life and liberty.

10 Deadly Big Game Broadheads

Arrows tipped with broadheads have been used for hunting, self defense and warfare for eons. Ancient nomadic hunters who roamed the North American continent more than 10,000 years ago armed with primitive spears and arrows tipped with intricately shaped stone points used them to kill massive Ice Age creatures such as mammoths, mastodons and giant beavers. They also served as protection against other predators such as saber-tooth tigers, dire wolves and giant short-faced bears, as well as hostile clans of humans competing for territory and resources. During Medieval times broadheads — hand-forged from iron, sometimes with hardened edges — were designed with two to four sharp blades that caused massive bleeding. Launched from wooden longbows, recurves and crossbows, they were used for both warfare and hunting — eventually replaced by firearms in Europe during the late Middle Ages and early Modern Period. These ancient broadheads were simple in design but effective for putting protein on the table and protecting life and liberty.

We’ve come a long way, baby. Today, broadheads made from Space Age materials using ultra modern manufacturing processes give archers a defined edge when it comes to accuracy and efficiency — used to anchor a wide variety of big and small game species. When it comes to tipping the terminal end of an arrow with deadly force, choices run rampant — beginning with basic designs and ending with specific personal preference. Fixed-blade, mechanical and hybrid broadheads — they all have their attributes … and their fans. Fixed broadheads, advocates say, are reliable, durable, extremely sharp, cut on contact and there is no fear of mechanical failure. Those who prefer mechanicals point to their larger cutting diameters and field point accuracy. The new kid on the block, the hybrid, by definition is the best of both worlds.

Fixed, mechanicals and hybrids — the scope of available big game broadheads is mind boggling. Here are 10 top choices you’ll want to consider before next archery season.

Dead Ringer Just Nasty 2.0 (left); Muzzy Broadheads Trocar Ti (center); NAP Verdict Mechanical (right)
Dead Ringer Just Nasty 2.0 (left); Muzzy Broadheads Trocar Ti (center); NAP Verdict Mechanical (right)

Dead Ringer Just Nasty 2.0

Dead Ringer has announced the debut of its newest hunting broadhead, the Just Nasty 2.0, equipped with a carbon steel hybrid design that creates a massive wound channel, cutting .75-inch on contact and deploying for a 2-inch exit wound. Featuring adjustable speed grooves, the Just Nasty 2.0 is compatible with both vertical bows and crossbows that generate speeds up to 450 fps. The 100- and 125- grain adjustable broadheads with weighted collars and a carbon steel ferrule boast field-tip accuracy. MSRP: $44.99/Three-pack; www.deadringer.com

Muzzy Broadheads Trocar Ti

Like its predecessor the Trocar, the improved design of the Muzzy Trocar Ti Broadhead features offset blade technology to help maximize accuracy and improve flight. Adjustable blade technology allows the razor-sharp, ultra-durable .039-inch thick blades to be adjusted to either right or left offset. This allows bowhunters to optimize arrow flight by matching string twist, fletching helical/offset or a number of other factors that can negatively impact arrow flight and downrange accuracy. The deep penetrating design of the Trocar Ti leverages the strength-to-weight ratio of titanium in the broadhead’s extra robust ferrule. The Muzzy Trocar Ti is available in 100-grain vertical bow, 100-grain crossbow and 125-grain crossbow versions, all with a cutting diameter of 1.25 inches. MSRP: $49.99/Three-pack; www.feradyne.com/muzzy-broadheads

NAP Verdict Mechanical

New Archery Products (NAP) 100-grain Verdict Mechanical Broadheads are as versatile as they are accurate — ideal for use with both crossbows and compound bows. These CNC-machined broadheads with one-piece ferrules in both aluminum and stainless-steel models deliver massive 2-inch-diameter wound channels on impact. The two .032-inch-thick, ultra-sharp replaceable blades are held firmly in place during flight, creating a slim and extremely aerodynamic, 11/16-inch flight diameter. Plus, each is individually spin-tested for optimal performance in any hunting conditions. MSRP: $22.99/Aluminum three-pack; $34.99/Stainless-steel three-pack; www.newarchery.com

QAD Exodus (left); Ramcat Hemostock Mechanical (center); Ravin Titanium (right)
QAD Exodus (left); Ramcat Hemostock Mechanical (center); Ravin Titanium (right)

QAD Exodus

The Exodus Broadhead from Quality Archery Designs is 100 percent designed and manufactured in the USA — its revolutionary compact head providing the strength to bust through the toughest hide and bones. Utilizing Blade Over Shaft technology, the Exodus’ cut-on-impact blades sweep back over the arrow shaft, creating a super short, compact head, just like a field point — enhancing accuracy while producing extreme penetration and a large cutting diameter. Built tough, with heavy-duty SST material, users never have to worry about the blades holding up to any big-game challenge. Exodus broadheads come in standard, crossbow and deep six versions — in 85-, 100- and 125-grain weights. They are available in two different blade styles — swept and full. MSRP: $42.99/Three pack; www.qadinc.com

Ramcat Hemostock Mechanical

Ramcat Broadheads Hemoshock Mechanical Broadhead was designed to give archers more accuracy from draw to impact using the Air Foil technology found on other Ramcat broadheads. This concave scoop allows the Hemoshock, combined with Firenock Aero Concentric technology (F.A.C.T.), to produce field point accuracy. The Hemoshock also benefits from the air mass created by the Ramcat broadhead, which, at the point of contact, creates a massive entry wound. With a 2.25-inch expandable cutting surface, this is the largest, most lethal Ramcat available. Finally, the innovative O-ring blade deployment design allows archers to adjust the broadhead based on bow type — compound or crossbow — and draw weight. MSRP: $44.99/Three pack; www.ramcatbroadheads.com

Ravin Titanium 

Ravin’s new Titanium Broadhead is built tough, with Ti6AL4V Grade 5 titanium, and is packed with features that ensure extreme penetration and reliable performance. This 100-grain mechanical broadhead is equipped with a single-piece ferrule and internal spring clip. There are no lock rings or O-rings necessary, providing hunters with ease of use in the field. The blades deploy upon impact, inflicting a highly effective 2-inch cutting diameter that creates a devastating wound channel. The Ravin Titanium Broadhead is 500 fps tested and approved. MSRP: $84.99/Three-pack; www.ravincrossbows.com

Left to right: REK XP Expandable, Slick Trick Revival, VPA Omega, Vapor Trails Outdoors Aftermath
Left to right: REK XP Expandable, Slick Trick Revival, VPA Omega, Vapor Trails Outdoors Aftermath

REK XP Expandable 

Designed for use with compounds and crossbows, the REK Expandable Modular Two-blade Broadhead transitions from a mechanical to a fixed-blade broadhead by simply changing the blades. The bone-crushing tip is made of 416 stainless steel and offers superior penetration while the razor-sharp .39-inch-thick stainless-steel blades cut on contact with devastating efficiency. The broadhead has a cut diameter that’s just shy of 2 inches, and its ferrule is constructed from 7075 T6 aluminum. Other features include a spring lock retention system (three extra locks included) and standard 8/32-inch threads. Available in 100- and 125-grain options. MSRP: $49.99/Pack of three; www.rekbroadheads.com

Slick Trick Revival

Slick Trick has introduced a stronger and more purposefully designed broadhead for discerning archers — the Slick Trick Revival. Part of its new premium Slick Trick line, the Revival stays true to its name by improving on the strength and efficiency of a proven broadhead design. Featuring more than 4.8 inches of total cutting surface, the Revival is comprised of a fixed, cut-on-contact double-bevel main blade with and a half-inch bleeder blade. The Slick Trick Revival broadhead creates devastating wound channels for increased blood loss and decreased arrow drag, resulting in increased penetration. MSRP: $99.99/Three-pack; www.slicktrickbroadheads.com

Vantage Point Archery Omega 

The VPA Omega Precision Machined One-Piece Broadhead incorporates a smoothly integrated ferrule that forms a wedge from tip to tail, designed to hold the wound channel open and allow the arrow shaft to pass through with less interference. Its sharp tanto tip cuts on contact, followed by a massive rotation-inducing diamond cross-section blade that uniquely combines the bone-splitting action of a single-bevel broadhead with the edge toughness inherent in a double-bevel broadhead. Machined from S7 tool steel, the VPA Omega premium broadhead combines durability, dependability and edge retention for peak performance — designed to maintain excellent flight characteristics while also aiding in deep penetration and minimizing deflection from bone impact. MSRP: $113/Three pack; www.vparchery.com

Vapor Trails Outdoors Aftermath

The Aftermath from Vapor Trails Outdoors is a unique 100-grain mechanical broadhead. It has no O-rings and flies like a field point — its .035-inch-thick stainless-steel blades delivering a 2.125-inch diameter cut. It features a plastic cup that holds the blades closed in flight regardless of arrow velocity and a ball joint locking mechanism. The Aftermath has forward-angled blades that are sharpened front and back and support arms that move with the blades to add 5X strength. The blades lock open upon impact to rip and cut with forward or reverse movement, designed to deliver maximum terminal damage. MSRP: $40/Pack of three; www.ghilliemonsteroutdoors.com


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