Reloading Safety

Common sense and the ability to read and follow the directions of component manufacturers are keys to a safe reloading experience.
Reloading Safety

reloadingTo make reloading safe, all it takes is common sense and the ability to read and follow the directions of the various component manufacturers. When you purchase powder, request a copy of the SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Manufacturers Institute) pamphlet on the properties and storage of smoke-less powder. Read and abide by it. Modern smokeless powders must be confined to cause an explosion. Containers that powder is purchased in are designed to burst without causing an explosion in the event of accidental ignition. Keep powder in these containers until it is used up. It is unsafe to put the powder in a glass jar or bottle or any other container which could cause pressure buildup. Store powder where there is no chance of spark, fire or flame, where it is cool and dry, and where children cannot reach it.

Primers also require care in handling. Never take primers from the original container until ready for use. Exposing a primer to excessive heat, fire, flame or rough handling will cause it to explode. Do not store primers near powder or where children can get at them. Always use manufacturers recommended components. Do not experiment or substitute components – the result could be a shell which fails to perform satisfactorily or, worse, inflicts serious injury on the shooter or bystanders. Manufacturers extensively test recommended loads and know how they perform. Always follow these recommendations exactly. It is also recommended that safety glasses be worn when reloading.

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