Gear Review: Hardcore Gun Case

Beyond any gun case exterior, its interior is key to protecting, securing valued firearms and accessories.
Gear Review: Hardcore Gun Case

Whether gun owners are going to the range, outdoors or traveling, when seeking to protect their investment most look for a strong, durable, portable gun case.

How many look beyond the gun case’s exterior to examine its interior, which is in many ways even more important to protecting and securing valued firearms and accessories.

Quick Fire Cases out of Murrieta, California manufactures custom handgun and rifle cases. The company die-cuts its foam inserts, which are designed to snuggly fit specific guns using military-grade resilient, heavy-duty, micro closed-cell foam that resists moisture absorption.

According to Thomas Buck — a longtime gun collector, law enforcement firearms instructor and President of Clenzoil — most gun owners underestimate the importance of the gun case interior, which is the only part that actually touches their firearms.

“Unlike other gun cases I’ve used, the Quick Fire Cases cradle and protect my firearms so they don’t slide, move, or bang around inside the case,” says Buck.  “The closed-cell foam inserts do not absorb moisture like typical open-cell foam inserts, so I don’t worry about corrosion, discoloration, or other humidity or moisture-related damage.”

The AR-15 case sells for $350. Check out Quick Fire Cases for more info.


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