Product Review: Husky Liners

Muddy boots, clothes and hunting gear leave their mark on a vehicle’s interior. So does a family. Can Husky Liners keep your truck in great shape?
Product Review: Husky Liners

I've hopped in and out of enough hunting vehicles the last few years to know the true definition of muddy. For what it's worth, I also know what a toddler and an infant can do to a family car! But there's an easy solution. Combating these problems is super easy with Husky Liners Weatherbeater liners.

Getting a car dirty can be very easy, which is why it took only a couple of trips to Borrowed Acres in the family car to prompt the decision to upgrade our vehicle protection. Throw in an upcoming six-hour car ride with two little ones under 2 — plus Daddy’s visions of milk, juice and snacks flying everywhere — and doubling down on the protection decision was a no-brainer.

Enter the custom-fitted Husky Liners Weatherbeater liners.

Ordering And Unpacking

Husky’s website makes selecting your product a breeze, and the liners arrived quickly on my front porch with no issues. Sometimes the easiest part of the process can be the most difficult, but Husky didn't disappoint. The shipment for my Toyota RAV4 was two boxes: floor liners in one box, cargo in another. I imagine this is common across most models. While the boxes are a little on the large side, they aren’t heavy at all. In fact, my wife brought them in when they arrived and our toddler thought they were climbing apparatuses. If she knocked them over, it was no big deal to her or the product.

Liner Installation

Getting the liners out of the boxes is easy, and the one-page instructions are man-proof.

The only possible concerns are having enough space to unroll the cargo liner and having a few weighted items to place on its corners. It took about 20 minutes for the cargo liner to fully flatten out.

The teeth on the bottom of the front liners combine with the locking tabs to make a picture-perfect fit with great stability. If your vehicle has a fuel door release on the driver side floorboard, make sure you place that liner accordingly. I missed that on the first pass and had to reinstall. It took only an extra minute or two, but it’s something to keep in mind. There are no locking tabs on the rear seat liner, but the one-piece design and lip edge keep everything securely in its place.

Performance And Durability

I had the RAV4 detailed before installation to start the review with a clean slate. We’re now a month and a half removed from that the six-hour drive I referenced earlier, and I haven’t had to touch a single liner. No rearranging or shifting has been required. I’ll admit that’s surprised me a great deal. A family reunion with two littles means a loaded cargo area, swings, strollers, beds and all the accoutrements.

You’d think packing and unpacking the cargo area plus a couple trips with the dog would mandate re-securing the cargo liner, or at least giving it a slight nudge back in place. Nope, not the case with Husky’s Weatherbeaters.

The one-piece back seat liner stood up just as well. There’s been flying milk and spills, but the peace of mind the liners provide, in addition to their physical protection, make clean-ups a worry- and hassle-free chore. If it works for a family, especially with two young kids, it will absolutely work for your hunts or outdoor adventures.

Favorite Thing

Vacuuming the car has long been a task I dread. No matter what I do, how hard I try, there’s always crumbs, dirt, mud and dog hair embedded in the carpet. Not anymore! A quick run with the Shop-Vac over the top of my Husky Liners and the car is as good as new.

If you’re in the need for vehicle protection, Husky Liners are perfect for the farm, woods, suburbs and everywhere in between. For more information, give Husky Liners a call at (800) 344-8759 or visit


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