The Breakdown Crossbow Case From Americase

Traveling with your crossbow? Americase’s Breakdown Crossbow Case offers the protection and versatility you need to keep everything safe and secure.
The Breakdown Crossbow Case From Americase

Whether you’re flying halfway around the world or strapping your bow case on an ATV and going down a county road, Americase offers archery cases designed for optimum protection and rugged transport. 

The AT-EC Breakdown Crossbow case contains a foam insert in the base and a removable hard foam shelf. The stock, quiver and bolts fit securely in the bottom, and the bow and foot stirrup are able to lie flat in the shelf.

The case comes with the foam separated, allowing you to trace and cut the foam to fit your specific crossbow parts. Once cutouts are completed, use a spray adhesive and apply the 1” backing and everything will be ready for the road.

Your archery equipment collection is not complete without an Americase archery case!


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