Talking Turkey: Pot Calls

Pot calls make great yelps, clucks, purrs, cuts and putts. Here’s how to make these essential turkey sounds:
Talking Turkey: Pot Calls

Producing the Yelp on a Pot Call

Yelp turkey tip

Draw small, tight, "half moons" with your striker. Remember to keep the striker on the calling surface during the upswing. I refer to this motion as either a backwards or forwards "D," whichever feels more comfortable to you. (Personally, I prefer I the backwards "D" motion). Use your desired amount of pressure during the counter-clockwise, half-moon motion. The 2-note yelp will break on the bottom curve of the motion. Then completely withdraw pressure during the straight upswing, when returning to your starting point. Three to five of these motions will produce a string of that many yelps.

Producing the Cluck on a Pot Call

cluck turkey call tipDraw a short vertical line down the call. Move the striker straight down approximately ¼-inch to ½-inch. Use your wrist to provide a "flicking" motion to make a "popping" sound, but don''t take the striker off the calling surface. Use light to moderate pressure, and space your clucks out slowly.

Producing the Purr on a Pot Call

purr turkey call tipDraw a long vertical line down the call. Slowly move the striker down approximately 1-inch to 1 ½-inches. Swerve and wiggle the motion, or alternate light and moderate pressure, allowing the striker to "bump" along the call’s surface. This will help to produce a steady, raspy and realistic purr. Withdraw pressure during the straight upswing motion.

Producing the Cut on a Pot Call

turkey cut call tipTo cut, produce a rapid series of several quick, excited clucks, followed by some fast yelps.


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