Predator Hunting Vests Help You Stay Ready

Predator-hunting vests can keep your tools of the trade close at hand, organized and ready for action!
Predator Hunting Vests Help You Stay Ready

Predator hunters are a savvy bunch. You strive to have the flattest-shooting rifle, the best-grouping shotgun, the clearest-sounding calls and camouflage that any chameleon would be green with envy to don. Despite this attention to detail one item I’ve noticed that some of you overlook is organization. If you’re like me you toss your equipment, ammunition and knickknacks into a daypack that soon becomes a jumbled mess. Instead of toting a heavy daypack maybe you should take a tip from turkey hunters. Have you ever considered using a hunting vest?

Turkey hunters tailored this handy clothing item. As pioneers their design wasn’t perfect at first, but it has progressed since the launch of early models and today you simply can’t ignore the benefits. Like daypacks, there are dozens of models available for you to choose. Some models can be had for $50 while others may cost you $200 or more depending on the options, and the brand marketing behind it. Here are a few options you should consider when shopping for a vest to get the job done in the predator arena.

First and foremost, it should have lots of cargo pockets. You want to be organized and have numerous options of stowing, storing and transporting gear. That’s the main goal of a vest. Pockets should be large, but not too large. They also should be fitted to maintain your mobility and flexibility. As you peruse options consider the gear you want to tote into the field. Make sure you have a pocket for your rangefinder, hand calls, caller remote control, extra ammunition magazines and a water bottle. You’ll also want to check out rear storage. This area has traditionally been saved for larger items including the aspect of packing a dead animal out. It may be roomy enough for your digital caller or act as a pouch to carry out a fox, or even a coyote.

An innovative option to nearly every vest on the market is the addition of a padded seat. This gives you instant comfort anywhere, but you may also want to look into back stability and this comes from the addition of a framed seat. Tenzing and Cabela’s offer this option in the Tenzing TP14 Turkey Pack and Cabela’s Tactical Tat’r II Kickstand Vest. Options include a frame to give you an automatic backrest, plus added steadiness so when it’s time to take the shot you’re not teetering.

Other options to consider include interior pockets for your license, GPS and lunch. Some models feature air cushioning for seating and back comfort. Others have bloodproof liners in the rear game bag. Adjustability should be a top priority to accommodate a wide range of clothing underneath depending on outside temperatures. I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. Check out a hunting vest. It could be the best investment you make to keep organized on your next predator hunt.

If you have any ideas to share on what you’d like to see in a vest or if you like a certain vest, sign in and comment below.


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