New Arrows for 2011

Thinner, fatter, stronger, faster—the Class of 2011 has new, exciting technology for every rig and goal.
New Arrows for 2011

Easton Archery


easton fmj n fused

N-Fused Carbon Axis FMJ

What’s stronger than a proven Easton Full Metal Jacket arrow? The new-for-2011 N-Fused Carbon Axis Full Metal Jacket arrow from Easton, which now features a stronger N-Fused carbon core to go along with its rugged 7075 alloy metal jacket for increased bone-crushing power and deeper penetration. These shafts are available in three models ($146/doz.): Gun Metal Black, Diamond Plate Camo, and magnum Dangerous Game. All FMJ models offer a guaranteed straightness of +/- .002-inch, and weight tolerance of +/- 2 grains; the Black and Camo models are available in four different spines: 300, 340, 400 and 500.

easton fmj crossbow bolt

FMJ Crossbow Arrow

Today’s high-tech crossbow users can also benefit from FMJ technology, with the new Full Metal Jacket Crossbow Arrow ($65/6 arrows w/vanes). The exclusive process that fuses the carbon core to the metal jacket delivers consistent straightness and spine for accuracy, and adds weight for more kinetic energy than all-carbon bolts. The thick-wall carbon core is wrapped in an aerospace alloy jacket with a guaranteed straightness of +/- 0.003-inch, and a weight tolerance of 2 grains. Brass bolt inserts are available for enhanced front-of-center balance—critical for improved flight and accuracy.

easton full bore

Full Bore

Got your sights set on some competitive archery? Easton’s aptly named Full Bore offers a unique mix of speed and large diameter that is ideal for indoor and 3-D archery. The max 27/64 diameter gives you a line-cutting edge to score big, while the multi-layer Superlite carbon construction offers a guaranteed straightness of +/- .003-inch. You’ll also find proven, flush-fitting Uni bushings for consistent nock alignment and nock-end shaft protection. Nock bushings are available that accept either Super/3D or G Nocks.

Carbon Express


Among the many new offerings from Carbon Express are four new arrows in its expanded Maxima Line, which incorporates rugged machined aluminum BullDog nock collars as well as the company’s unique Dual Spine Weight Forward construction. The patented multi-layer/multi-material construction creates two spines in one arrow—allowing the arrow to recover faster and spin sooner, with more weight up front for better flight and penetration.

carbon express maxima hunter

Maxima Hunter KV

The Maxima Hunter KV ($100/6) is made with a layer of Kevlar for strength and durability, and delivers the greatest penetration within the Maxima Series. The arrow, which comes fletched with Blazer vanes for added velocity for precision broadhead performance, features a straightness of +/- .0025-inch, weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains, and a spine selection tolerance of +/-.0025-inch. Two spines are available: 250 (8.9 grains per inch) and 350 (9.8 gpi).

carbon express blue streak

Blue Streak

The Maxima Blue Streak and Blue Streak Select are made with Diamond Weave construction, an innovation designed to deliver unparalleled spine consistency, resulting in precision accuracy. Both are available fletched with Blazer vanes. The Blue Streak ($80/6) features a straightness of +/- .0025-inch, a weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grain, and a spine selection tolerance of +/-.0025-inch. The Blue Streak is available in three spines: 150 (6.5 gpi), 250 (7.4 gpi) and 350 (8.3 gpi).

carbon express blue streak select

Blue Streak Select

The Blue Streak Select ($90/6) offers a straightness of +/- .001, weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains, and a spine selection tolerance of +/- .0025-inch. It’s available in two spines: 250 (7.4 gpi) and 350 (8.3 gpi).

carbon express maxima hunter

Maxima Hunter

As stated, the 100-percent carbon Maxima Hunter ($80/6) has now added the benefits of Dual Spine Weight Forward technology, and comes fletched in your choice of Blazer or Fusion vanes. It features a straightness tolerance of +/1 .0025-inch, a weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains, and a spine selection tolerance of +/- .0025-inch. Three spines are available: 250 (8 gpi) 350 (8.9 gpi) and 450 (9.7 gpi).

carbon express mach 5

Mach 5

Looking for the absolute lightest, fastest arrow in the CX line? It’s the new Mach 5 ($60/6), which features 100-percent pure carbon construction with a Diamond Coat finish that provides a smoother draw and increased stealth while on your rest. The Mach 5 comes standard with Predator Vanes that offer a high performance compact design for added velocity and greater accuracy. The Mach 5 features a straightness of +/- .0025-inch and a weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains. Two spines are available: 250 (7 gpi) and 350 (8.1 gpi).

carbon express mayhem hot pursuit

Mayhem Hot Pursuit

Women and other lighter-poundage shooters will appreciate the new Mayhem Hot Pursuit arrows ($75/6), which come complete with pink graphics, white and pink fletching—even pink BullDog Nock Collars. You’ll also find a patented BuffTuff carbon arrow finish, and K-360 Weave Technology for strength and spine consistency. They come fletched with Blazer or Fusion Vanes. Straightness is +/- .0035-inch; weight tolerance is +/- 1.0 grain, spine selection tolerance is +/- .0025-inch.

carbon express cxl pro


Dedicated target shooters will like the new CXL-Pro ($165/doz.)—the lightest line-cutting shaft in the company’s inventory. The large-diameter, thin-walled shaft is available in three sizes to fit all draw weights. Straightness is +/- .0025-inch, weight tolerance is +/- 1.0 grain, and spine selection tolerance is +/- .002-inch. Choose from three sizes: 150, 250, and 350, all with BullDog nock collars.



ICS Speed Shafts

Looking to flatten arrow flight for more-forgiving downrange accuracy? New ICS Speed shafts ($93/doz. shafts) from Beman combine lightweight, multi-layer carbon fiber with tight tolerances and new, sleeker, ViBrake Hot Tail inserts for flat shooting. ICS Speed shafts weigh as little as 6.6 grains per inch and the Hot Tail insert’s sleek design installs easier, decreases weight, and helps to dampen vibration.

Beman has found the new Hot Tail’s vibration dampening technology reduces noise-causing vibration and steadies arrow flight to tighten groups up to 20 percent. In addition to the new ICS Speed, the Hot Tail is included with Beman’s ICS Hunter, Elite, and Camo-Hunter arrows. They’re also available separately to fit most standard-diameter carbon arrows.

beman bone collector jr

Bone Collector Jr.

Also new from Beman is the USA-built MFX Bone Collector Jr. arrow. The small-diameter carbon Bone Collector Jr. that’s designed for lower draw weights and those with shorter draws provides all the high-performance benefits of Beman’s proven MFX Bone Collector—such as low wind drift, enhanced durability, and deep penetration—in an arrow designed for bow weights up to 50 pounds.

Victory Archery


victory archery vap

VAP—Victory Armour Piercing

Victory Archery is now owned by carbon innovator Aldila, and the 2011 lineup has already seen big benefits. Victory’s new VAP—Victory Armour Piercing—carbon shafts feature a specially tapered Penetrator insert designed to “blow material out of the way” so the small-diameter, thick-walled shaft can achieve max penetration. Inserts are available in 5/16 (43 gr.) and 9/32 (33 gr.). Shafts are sorted to +/- 0.5 grains per dozen and come with a smooth polished black finish and also include Bohning “F” nocks. Choose from three arrow grades, sorted by straightness: the +/- .006-inch V6 series ($90), the .003-inch V3 series ($130); and the .001-inch V1 series ($180). There are seven arrow spines per series: 300, 350, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800.

Gold Tip


gold tip kinetic arrow


A trio of new shafts from Gold Tip include the small-diameter Kinetic line, touted as the most-advanced arrows the company has ever offered. The goal was to appease archers who want maximum downrange accuracy and penetration, as well as extreme durability and the very best option to cut through wind. It’s available in three different models sorted by straightness and weight tolerance, with each arrow offering four different spine sizes: 500, 400, 300, and 200 Kinetic Big Game. Choose from the high-end Kinetic Pro (+/- .001-inch straightness tolerance, +/- 0.5 grains weight tolerance), the Kinetic XT (+/- .003-inch, +/- 0.5 grains), and the bargain-priced Kinetic Hunter (+/- .006-inch, +/- 2 grains).

ted nugent pink zebra

Ted Nugent Series

Also new from GT is the pink-zebra-striped Ted Nugent Signature Series shaft, which offers the same performance as Gold Tip’s standard Ted Nugent black-and-white zebra-striped shaft (+/- .006-inch straightness, +/- 2 grains weight tolerance), and comes in two sizes (35/55 and 55/75). A portion of the proceeds from pink shaft sales go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer.

gold tip laser III crossbow bolt

Laser III

Finally, Gold Tip has added to its crossbow bolt lineup with the new Laser III bolt, which is built to a weight that’s between the company’s Laser II and Laser IV bolts, with all the same nock and insert options. As an example a finished 22-inch Laser III with flat nock and 100-grain point weighs 445 grains; the same specs in the Laser II weighs 420 grains, and the Laser IV weighs 515 grains.

Hard Impact Technologies


hard impact technologies penetrator


Newcomer Hard Impact Technologies has introduced a whole new take on hunting arrows that centers on increasing penetration with an inside-the-shaft weight. The patented Weight Transferring Technology in the company’s Penetrator arrows is deployed inside the arrow shaft at the moment of impact, using magnetic technology. To engage the weight transferring system, simply point the arrow “up” before nocking; the system is designed not to deploy until the moment of impact with your target. Arrows for compound bows are available, as well as crossbow bolts.


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