Great New Gifts for Bowhunters

Here are a few cutting-edge suggestions to ensure your 2010 ends on a high note.
Great New Gifts for Bowhunters

Stealth Cam Unit

The new Unit ($199) from Stealth Cam (877-269-8490; is a lightweight, micro-sized trail camera (6x4x3 inches) that’s easy to conceal and transport. A number of new features allow it to compress video more effectively; you also get audio capability and the ability to record 10 to 180 seconds of footage—to both see and hear game animal activity.

More cool features include Digital Video Stamping that allows you to review the time-coding of the captured video by monitoring the time, date, temperature, and moon phases. The 8 MP still-image capability provides ultra-crisp photos; the Unit accepts up to a 16GB SD card. Night images are captured with the help of 38 IR (infrared) emitters with range control; and the 2X or 4X digital zoom lets you view images more clearly. Runs on 8 “AA” batteries (and is compatible with Stealth Cam’s external 12V battery pack).


Cuddeback CuddeView X2

Speaking of cutting-edge scouting camera innovation, the new CuddeView X2 handheld viewer from Cuddeback ( lets your customers view their scouting camera images quickly and easily in the field at their convenience. And better yet, it works with any scouting camera that uses an SD card. You can view images on the spot by simply inserting the SD card from your camera.

The CuddeView X2 also lets you zoom, pan, delete, and even transfer images. CuddeView X2 takes a second SD card. This allows you to transfer images from each camera onto this second “archive” card. After transfer, CuddeView X2 lets you delete the images from the camera card which you re-insert into the camera. In the end, you are left with an archive card that holds the images from every camera you’ve checked and clean SD cards in all of your cameras. It features a color 2½-inch screen and operates on four AA batteries. And, it comes with a USB cable.

cuddeback cuddeview


What’s better than a wireless trail camera monitoring your food plot, hot scrape, or fence crossing? How about three cameras to monitor all of them simultaneously? SmartScouter ( a leader in remote trail camera technology, has announced the Smart Group Wireless Plan, which enables hunters to use three or more SmartScouter wireless cameras on the same account. For the single hunter who wants to cover more ground more efficiently, multiple members of a hunting lease, or simply a group of hunting buddies who want to minimize the cost of monitoring their properties or hunting spots, the SmartScouter Group Wireless Plan is the wave of the future.

SmartScouter game trail cameras wirelessly transmit photos via cellular network to cell phones, PDAs, and as many e-mail addresses as the account holder wishes to designate. This provides real-time information about game activity (imagine hunting a spot tomorrow based on game movements today); saves the travel time and gas required to check ordinary trail camera photos; and avoids the need to disturb your hunting area. Setup is a simple 3-step process: 1. Purchase SmartScouter unit. 2. Activate camera and purchase a wireless plan (see website). 3. Attach to a tree and turn on. It’s that easy.

The SmartScouter comes with a Compact Flash Memory Card, and can act as a conventional digital game trail camera if desired.


Primos Truth Cams

The fine folks at Primos Hunting Calls (800-523-2395; have their own take on trail cams—the popular and aptly named Truth Cam line that features four separate models, all designed to offer superior in-field performance with impressive ease of operation. You can simply load batteries and an SD card into the unit and start recording photos or video. Set-up instructions are plainly displayed inside the door of most models, and features simple and fun to watch video tips that help consumers get more out of their Truth Cams.

The four Truth Cam models include: the Truth Cam 35 ($120; 3.0 MP daylight resolution and 1.3 MP at night); Truth Cam 46 ($160; 5.0 MP daylight and 3.1 night res.); Truth Cam 60 ($180; 7.0 MP daylight and 5.0 MP night res.); Truth Cam X ($280; 62 infrared LEDs, 7.0 MP daylight and 5.0 MP night res.). Every Truth Cam can be used with the Primos pivoting camera mount ($25) for the ultimate in adjusting units for that perfect angle independent of a tree’s trunk. No more shoving sticks or small limbs behind a camera to set it at the proper angle.

primos the truth camera

Diamond Archery Q3 and Q5 Arrow Quivers

Most bowhunters will stick with a specific bow for a while, but year-to-year experimentation with new accessories comes naturally. New Ultra-Lite Series accessories from Diamond (877-269-2776; offer a durable all-weather finish and deliver solid in-the-field functionality your customers will appreciate.

The Q3 and Q5 Ultra-Lites are 3- and 5-arrow, quick-detach, one-piece quivers that start at $39.99 and are designed to fit any compound bow—as well as offer the best balance of any one-piece quiver on the market. Both have a convenient built-in tree hanger hook, and accept both mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads.

The Q5.2 Ultra-Lite ($39.99) is a two-piece, 5-arrow quiver designed to hug tight to the bow—and can be easily adjusted for right- and left-hand bows alike.

The S5 Ultra-Lite compact 5-inch stabilizer weighs in at 3.5 ounces—half the weight of the leading competitors, but is just as effective at removing shot vibration.

diamond s5 ultra lite

Prime Time Archery Peep Light Release

With a goal of offering maximum accuracy during low-light periods, the unique Peep Light Release from Prime Time Archery ( is designed to illuminate your rear peep, as well as your fiber-optic sight pins, while at full draw. The release-mounted, water-resistant red LED light emits a subtle glow that neutralizes all types of low-light conditions—even heavy cloud cover or in dark ground blinds. You can also use the light as a flashlight, as it casts a 4-foot-diameter beam that won’t alert game.

Both the release shaft and buckle wrist strap (not shown) are fully adjustable to accommodate archers of all sizes, from youths to adults.

prime time release light

Big Green Targets

Big Green Targets (888-390-5548;, a leading manufacturer of archery targets made from 100-percent recycled materials, has introduced the Pro Series Field Point Targets. They’re available in four sizes: the Super Pro ($55; 20x16x13 inches); Lightning Pro ($75; 24x20x13); Magnum Pro ($85; 24x24x13); and Outfitter Pro ($95; 28x28x13). All feature front and back high-definition screen-printed wild game images.

Each Big Green Target is 100-percent weatherproof, and features a heat-bonded, layered closed-cell foam outer core filled with a combination of recycled fabric and foam capable of stopping arrows traveling 350 feet per second or more.

big green targets

Hunter’s Specialties i-Kam Xtreme

New i-Kam Xtreme video eyewear from Hunter’s Specialties (319-395-0321; lets you be your own videographer! The i-Kam Xtreme incorporates an advanced mobile video recorder into a lightweight pair of glasses—offering “hands-free” performance while recording most any outdoor adventure. The completely wireless operation requires no cords or battery packs; a frame-mounted digital camera offers 4GB of built-in memory for up to 3 hours of recording; use of a Micro SD card offers an additional 8GB of memory. An integral microphone captures all sounds to go along with the video. Each pair comes with four interchangeable lenses in polarized black, amber, brown and clear; frames are available in several colors including Realtree camo.

hunter specialties i cam

Knight & Hale The Shaft

Nearly all bowhunters have had a coyote ruin a day’s hunt while on stand. Knight & Hale predator pro, Bob Severe, created the answer: The Shaft predator call from Knight & Hale (1-800-500-yelp; that’s a true “no-brainer” stocking stuffer. Designed to fill the need of a small predator call to carry while deer hunting, The Shaft also works as a “coaxer” call for the serious predator caller. It’s made from an arrow shaft, arrow nock, and cottontail reed. With a total overall length of just under 5 inches, the ultra-compact call fits nicely into a shirt or jacket pocket; a metal shirt clip prevents loss. The Shaft is available alone ($10) or in a deer combo pack with the ever-popular EZ Grunter Plus WIP deer call ($20).

knight and hale the shaft

DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator

Selling increased hunter safety is something that never goes out of style—and is always on the minds of significant others, especially near the holidays. DeLorme (800-561-5105;, a leader in mapping and GPS technologies, is making ultimate safety easier than ever with its eagerly-awaited Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator ($480). It’s the world’s first handheld GPS with Type & Send outbound text satellite messaging—enabling users to stay connected with friends, family, and emergency services, from locations around the world. Because messages are conveyed via satellite, and are not dependent on cellular phone coverage, the PN-60w keeps users reliably connected even in difficult-access remote locales. Both devices are designed to be extra-rugged and water resistant and thus better suited than most cell phones for the rigors of outdoor use.

delorme earthmate

SOL Origin

Another great way to ensure safer hunts is with the new SOL Origin ($60) from Adventure Medical Kits (; The SOL Origin is the world’s first Essential Survival Tool. In one product that fits in the palm of your hand, the Origin boasts a multitude of custom-designed components that will flat-out help save your bacon—whether you’re lost, hurt, or stranded in the outdoors.

Included is a folding knife with AUS-8 hollow grind steel blade, an LED light (10 Lumens that shines along the blade), a never-fail-in-any-weather fire starter with windproof/waterproof tinder, as well as a rescue whistle (pea-less with ear-piercing one-mile range), signaling mirror, compass, stainless steel wire/nylon cord, and legit fishing kit/sewing kit. All components lock or fit into the Origin’s ultra-rugged waterproof case with room to spare.

sol origin medical kit

ScenTote Day Pack

ScenTote (, a leader in odor-eliminating storage containers, has introduced the new ScenTote Day Pack, designed to help hunters keep their gear organized and odor free. With over 1,000 cubic inches of storage space, the Day Pack has plenty of room to store extra clothes, game calls, lunch and a variety of other gear—and includes a free water bottle. You’ll also find ScenTote’s patented activated carbon web—which releases activated carbon granules and adsorbs foreign odors. Coupled with the scentproof zipper, the Day Pack keeps foreign odors out of the bag while the carbon web ensures the contents remain scent free. Camo is Next G-1.

scentote day pack

Barebow! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking Of North America’s Big Game 29

Everyone from hardcore bowhunters to outdoorsmen and spouses will likely enjoy Dennis Dunn’s unique coffee-table book, Barebow! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking Of North America’s Big Game 29 ($95). But don’t take my word for it. The eye-catching cloth hardbound 504-page book that comes complete with high quality paper in a 10x15-inch landscape format was recently awarded the prestigious POMA Pinnacle Award for journalistic excellence.

In Barebow!, Dunn teams up with award-winning wildlife artists, Hayden and Dallen Lambson, to produce a striking account of Northern American wildlife, and the enduring connection made by one archer in pursuing and harvesting the entire 29-animal N.A. Super Slam. It was the first ever completed “barebow”—with no sighting devices used for aiming. In addition to the stunning artwork that dominates the book, Dunn includes 60 of his best color photos taken over his hunting lifetime. The book can be ordered online at

barebow hunting book

Little Hooker by Skull Hooker

When happy customers hand over their success photos, it’s time to show them a unique (and affordable) way of displaying their hard-won prize. The all-new “Little Hooker” from Skull Hooker (541-884-3177; is a sleek and sophisticated solution for displaying trophy European mounts. And better yet, the professionally finished unit can quickly and securely “hook-on” to and mount any deer species (as well as antelope, black bear, cougar, wild boar, exotic sheep and more) without the need for drilling into the skull. All that’s required is a Phillips screwdriver and 3⁄8-inch wrench. The Little Hooker adjusts both up and down, as well as side to side—so your customers can create the look that will best complement their home or office. Available in both powder-coated Graphite Black, and slick Robust Brown finish.

little hooker skull hooker

ThermaCell Outdoor Lantern

These days most bowhunters have heard of or used an amazingly effective ThermaCell mosquito-repellent unit from ThermaCell (1-8-NO-SKEETERS (866-753-3837; Capitalize on that stellar reputation by showing your customers the newest member of the lineup—a rugged Outdoor Lantern ($30) that provides unmatched protection from flying insects as well as ambient light, in base camps or on outdoor patios or backyards. The Lantern is up to 98 percent effective at repelling mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums. Plus, the lantern is lightweight (13 ounces)—making it easy to transport whether you are hunting, camping, or fishing.

The Outdoor Lantern has many updated features: eight LEDs offer twice as much light as earlier ThermaCELL models; the easy-grip handle makes the lantern easy to carry or hang. In addition, the lantern and mosquito repellent can be used separately or together.

The Outdoor Lantern operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in pyrethrum flowers, creating a 15x15-foot comfort zone. Each repellent mat provides up to four hours of protection and each butane cartridge provides up to 12 hours of operation.

thermacell outdoor lantern

The Tree Stand Buddy

Lots of customers know someone who uses hang-on treestands. The Tree Stand Buddy (877-987-2723; is a unique new Universal Bracket System designed to offer much-safer installation of hang-on treestands, with improved silence and “multi-site” versatility.

The helpful hoisting feature allows you to climb your tree without having to worry about carrying your treestand with you. The unique bracket system also provides improved stability and eliminates treestand “wobble,” while offering the convenience of multiple setups using the same treestand (simply purchase multiple brackets).

Yet another added benefit? The Treestand Buddy provides extra space between the tree and stand, improving comfort.

tree stand buddy bracket

Darn Tough Vermont Premium Cold Weather Hunting Socks

It used to be that getting socks for Christmas was just another one of “those” gifts destined for return. Not anymore. Especially when it comes to some of today’s high-tech models such as the Premium Cold Weather Hunting Socks ($20-$22) from Darn Tough Vermont ( Darn Tough’s premium, all weather Merino wool hunting socks are constructed with a unique blend of custom, shrink treated Merino wool—sourced from Australia and New Zealand. You’ll also find nylon for shape retention, Lycra Spandex for fit and stretch, and high-density cushioning on the foot bottom and in all the right places. It’s the highest-density stitch count in the business, offering a generous fit with extra stretch around the calf, and ribbing above the ankle, to ensure a perfect fit for all-day hunts and multi-day expeditions. All Darn Tough Vermont products carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Choose from two styles, a Mid-Calf Boot Sock ($20) and an Over-the-Calf Boot Sock ($22), in Forest and Charcoal colors. Scent-Lok odor-reducing models ($19 for Full Cushion and $24 for Extra Cushion) are also available.

vermont darn tough socks

Drury Outdoors DVDs

The three latest whitetail DVDs from Drury Outdoors (800-990-9351; are just the thing to get your die-hard whitetail customers through another long winter. Whitetail Madness 13, Dream Season 13, and Volume 10 in the 100 Percent Wild Fair Chase series feature 50 on-camera kills not seen on TV—with a total of nine gross booners hitting the turf.

Whitetail Madness 13 catalogs a year of big-buck fanaticism—from shed hunting in March to the blowing snow of the late muzzleloader season. Of the 16 kills by bow, gun and muzzleloader, seven score over an astounding 150 inches. Dream Season 13 continues the Drury Team’s redefinition of the “American dream”—sharing the hunt with family. Bonds are reinforced and plenty of huge bucks hit the turf in this year’s edition. To complete the hat trick, Volume 10 in the 100 Percent Wild Fair Chase series is a killer compilation of how-to lessons from the previous nine seasons in the timber.

“Each year, we set out to raise the bar on not only our own previous titles, but every other whitetail production out there,” said Mark Drury. “This season, more than any other, we’ve set a far-reaching precedent. The heart-pounding encounters and sheer inches of antler we laid down were nothing short of amazing, and we can’t wait for the American whitetail hunter to experience it.”

drury whitetail madness 13

BowJax Enhancer Stopper for Hoyt

Most every bowhunter knows that silence is golden. The new “Enhancer Stopper” for the Hoyt String Suppressor ($6) is the latest silence and vibration-damping innovation from BowJax Inc. (208-762-3692; The Enhancer Stopper provides an extra soft landing for strings on Hoyt string suppressors. You don’t have to remove the old stopper; the Enhancer simply fits over the top of the factory stopper—no glue or tape is required to keep it securely in place. The super-soft shell makes your customers’ Hoyt suppressors as quiet as they can be. Dealer note: Installation may require shortening rod slightly.

bowjax hoyt enhancer

Mathews Pure Scrape

Mathews shooters are some of the most loyal customers anywhere. Mathews Pure Scrape ($17) from Real Scent (888-605-2825; is a unique officially licensed product available only to Mathews dealers. Pure Scrape is a special proprietary blend of several buck gland secretions including pre-orbital and forehead that have been combined and mixed to a sticky gel-like consistency. The multiple gland combination allows your customers to use Pure Scrape in various ways from pre-rut through the entire breeding season. It can be used to activate or freshen scrapes, and on or over hanging branches. It comes packaged in a protective plastic 3-ounce squeeze tube.

mathews pure scrape


Toting expensive cell phones and cameras is part of most any sportsman’s arsenal these days. Help your customers protect them from the elements with new, affordable DryDocs cases from Seattle Sports ( The DryDocs line (MSRPs $10-$40) features waterproof cases for cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, laptop computers, e-readers, iPads, important documents, and more. Several cases feature handles for easy gripping and have safety lanyards so you can attach your gear to your backpack, coat, or belt loop for safekeeping. DryDocs are built with a thick, eco-friendly PVC-Free film that’s both puncture and slash proof. A positive-snap resealable bag-type closure makes them easy to use.

seattle sports dry docs

Perfect Bungee

Outdoorsmen and bungee cords go together like bows and arrows. A new take on them is the Perfect Bungee from Just Ducky Products (570-366-7316; The Perfect Bungee is made of a special polyurethane formula (no rubber/latex) that’s built to last. It won’t crack, break, split, become brittle or scuff, and can withstand exposure to saltwater, oil, ozone, and many other chemicals. The super-strong flexible material allows for a safe stretch up to twice its original length and features excellent memory retention. It’s available in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, lengths and colors, is made in the USA, and is guaranteed for life. A sister product is The Perfect Leash (, made from the same unique material, that should turn the heads of your discriminating dog-owning customers.

just ducky perfect bungee

Rocky Boots SilentStalker

Over the years lots of boot companies have introduced models promising “athletic shoe” comfort and yet have fallen woefully short. Rocky ( is one that has delivered. Your serious-ground-covering customers won’t believe the instant “broken in” comfort and ultra-light design of the new SilentStalker series boots ($125 to $160). The line incorporates true athletic styling and performance features reminiscent of tennis shoes. Included are a sneaker, hiker, and 8-inch boot—all constructed using breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex fabric. All styles feature Rocky’s scent control system SIQ Atomic, a featherweight Ortholite dual-density contoured footbed, and an ultra-flexible two-part SilentStalker outsole.

rocky boots silent stalker

MTM Case-Gard Arrow Cases

All bowhunters who travel can use a quality arrow case. Or two or three. When it comes to protecting accessories, few do it better, and more affordably, than the MTM Case-Gard lineup from MTM Molded Products (800-543-0548; Especially handy is the full lineup of hard arrow and crossbow bolt cases that includes the Compact Arrow Case (36x7.5x3 inches—holds up to 24 arrows); and the Arrow Plus Case (36x10x5) that holds up to 36 arrows with four accessory compartments. Both come in camo or clear smoke.

mtm hard case arrow


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