Darton Archery New Bows For 2014

A pair of smooth-drawing speedsters headline 2014 innovation for this legendary brand.
Darton Archery New Bows For 2014

Darton bows are near-legendary for their unique, efficient dual-cam technology.

For 2014 this Michigan-based company has kicked it up a notch with two speedy performers, which now feature premium strings, as well as new finish and grip options.

Darton New Bows 2014DS-3814

The direct descendent of the successful Darton 3800 is the new DS-3814, and though it still sports the DualSynch Cams, a quick glance reveals some significant changes.

First, the riser is contoured differently. Even more obvious is a change to the grip, angled differently to better fit the hand, a little rounder and more generally ergonomic.

Less obviously, the Patriot Series bows now feature America’s Best Bowstrings.

Each bow comes with an extra set of grips—our preference is for the slick plastic sideplates, but in cold weather we can see the appeal of the softer, slightly thicker grip.

Adjustable draw stop modules make for a firm back wall while allowing shooters to incrementally adjust from close to 80 percent letoff down to 65 percent.

With a 6-inch brace height, top speed is 340 to 345 fps. Axle to axle the DS-3814 is 3313⁄16inches. (OK, they’re into precision measurements.)

Draw lengths are modular and run from 25 to 31 inches, putting a very fast bow in reach of a lot of shorter-draw-length shooters.

It weighs a comfortable 4.1 pounds. Available peak draw weights are 40, 50, 60, and 70 pounds.

The entire series has a Soft Touch finish, and color options include Next Vista, Shadow Black, Limited Edition, Muddy Girl, and Target Red. The DS-3814 sells for $947.


Darton New Bows 2014Darton calls the DS-3914 a “muscle bow.” If speed and a smooth draw cycle are on a continuum, this is a bow for shooters who lean in the direction of speed.

The EET Laminated Quad Limbs, together with a 51⁄2-inch brace height, combine to generate impressive speeds of 350 to 355 fps for the DS-3914.

Axle-to-axle the DS-3914 is 337⁄8inches.

Other specs and features, including letoff, draw weights, and finish options, match those of the DS-3814.

Price, too, is the same ($947).


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