Church Pig Wrestling Event Draws Ire From PETA

Four decade tradition at a Catholic church upsets the activist crowd. Church says no animals are armed and law enforcement agrees.
Church Pig Wrestling Event Draws Ire From PETA

It’s always something with activists. Political, animal, religious, it doesn’t matter. There is always a cause. Most of these ‘causes’ tend to illicit a collective eye roll from the masses, but that doesn’t stop activists from being, well, activists.

The animal welfare crowd is now seeking to put a 40 year-old Catholic Church fundraiser out of business because the fundraiser is cruel to pigs.

Yes, the good old rural pastime of pig wrestling has come under fire in Stephensville, Wisconsin. An online petition has generated 25,000+ signatures to try and shut down the event.

St. Patrick Parish says there is no harm being done to any animals and the petitioners are merely trying to strike fear into people.

In fact, Ken Bilgrien, a deacon with the church, says the pigs tend to have fun.

“These young girls that end up face down in the mud — I swear the pigs stopped and turned around and laughed at them, so it’s a fun event and really, we think the pigs enjoy it.”


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