Better crossbow ammo?

New Victory VAP VooDoo Bolt promises increased accuracy, speed, and more.
Better crossbow ammo?

Victory Archery, a specialist in carbon arrow shaft technology, has some great news for crossbow users everywhere: The new Victory VAP VooDoo Crossbow Bolt. The revolutionary, patent pending design is designed to offer impressive speed, accuracy, and killing power. The new bolt design combines Victory Archery's ultra-small-diameter shaft with exclusive Rail Ryder technology that focuses on delivering more speed and accuracy than traditional bolts.

Victory Archery designed and developed the VAP VooDoo Crossbow Bolts with only two contact points on the bolt; one at the nock end, and the other at the center of the shaft — giving way to the name Rail Ryder. The combination of two contact points on the crossbow's rail is designed to send the ultra-small-diameter VooDoo shaft off faster, more accurately, and provide incredible penetration. The VAP VooDoo Crossbow Bolts are available in 20-, 22-, or 24-inch overall lengths, offering maximum efficiency, and allowing greater accuracy and stability shot after shot. The VooDoo Crossbow Bolts come equipped with AAE Max-Hunter vanes and Victory's Penetrator Broadhead Adapters. The innovative design is compatible with most modern crossbow models.

For more info on Victory Archery's new VAP VooDoo Crossbow Bolts, and its complete arsenal of accurate hunting and target arrows, visit or like them on Facebook.

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