April Issue Preview: Bowhunting World

From the hottest hunting bows of 2010 to the search for the perfect hunting backpack, the April issue of Bowhunting World where to find the best bowhunting gear.
April Issue Preview: Bowhunting World

Bowhunting World Hot New BowsEvery year we see at least one new technology take hold of the bow design market. Some of the trends are passing fads while some have a real value and purpose and thus stick around for many years. This year we areseeing one of those trends that has the potential for real staying power. The most visible trend this year toward limbs that flex beyond parallel when you draw the bow.

New Bows: BowTech Destroyer 350, PSE Omen, Bear Attack, Mathews Z7, Alpine Silverado Nitrous N20, Elite Judge, Martin Firecat TR2, Martin Jaguar Take-Down, Darton Pro 3800, Sims LimbSaver Proton

Field Test Hunting PackBowhunting Backpacks

With the amazing proliferation of bowhunting gear since, comes increasing need for yet another piece of equipment: the bowhunting backpack. I’ve actually been “packing” for many years now and have gone through many models in search of the perfect pack. I still haven’t found it, though I’ve come close, and I dare say closest during this Field Test. Take a look at what we’ve discovered. — Mike Strandlund

Bowhunting World Bow ReportElite Archery Z28

The Elite Z28 for 2009 is essentially the same bow as the 2008-1/2 model except for the cam system. The earlier model bow used the Revolution Cams while the 2009 model introduces the “Z” Cams. Since this is the first Elite bow that I have had to test, I cannot comment on the differences between the two cam systems except to say that I was told that that the “Z” cams were developed to offer a smoother draw cycle and were intended to be more friendly for bowhunters.

Bowhunting New GearNew Bowhunting Gear

Bowhunting World’s Equipment Experts Examine Today’s Latest Archery Products.

Opti Logic Rangefinder Test

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