2010 Great New Gear: Bow Sights

Archery Business details some of the new bowhunting sights that will be on dealer shelves this year. Check them out.
2010 Great New Gear: Bow Sights

G5 Rock Bow SightG5 Rock Sight

Website: G5 Outdoors

Contact: 866-456-8836

New from G5 Outdoors is the Rock 5-pin sight that features an aluminum housing, as well as micro vertical and windage adjustments.

The virtually indestructible design features rock-solid rack and pinion gearing that provides a simple lightweight solution for precise micro adjustments, as well as 100-percent machined pins, and a stepped mounting bracket that enables it to work with virtually any bow setup. In addition, the ambidextrous Rock offers 2nd axis adjustment and is vibration free, and the design makes it easy to add or remove pins. Choose from a Durafuse Realtree AP camo finish ($110), or anodized black ($100)—in your choice of .019- or .010-inch pins.

Cobra SightNew Cobra Sights

Boomlang Plus 6 | Smoke 3 | Python Micro

Website: Cobra Archery

Contact: 800-352-6272

New bowsights with laser-etched windage and elevation scales, bubble levels, fully-protected .019 all-metal wrapped fiber optic pins and 2-inch Glo-orange apertures are “in” at Cobra. Both sights have aluminum mounting brackets and GFN sight apertures. The 5.7-ounce Boomslang Plus 6 ($100) uses more than 6 feet of wrapped fiber for each of its 6 pins. The Boomslang comes with a Rheostat-controlled light: also available as a 4-pin model. The 4.5-ounce Smoke 3 ($70) comes with 3 fiber optic pins, but is also available as a 5-pin sight.

The Python Micro bow sight from Cobra offers no-tool windage and elevation adjustment. Its reversible mounting bracket has offset mounting holes for a wide range of vertical adjustment. Precise (.003 per click) micro adjustment and also an adjustable 2nd/3rd axis bubble level. All-metal pins protect .019 fiber optic cable.

Trophy Ridge Hitman Bow SightTrophy Ridge Micro Hit Man Sight

Website: Trophy Ridge

Contact: 800-694-9494

The 7-pin micro-adjustable Micro Hit Man Sight ($100) from Trophy Ridge offers zero-pin-gap spacing and 100-percent aluminum construction. Metal injection-molded horizontal steel pins secure .019 fiber optics, but .010 cable is optional. Each pin is backed with 12 inches of light-gathering cable in a see-through cover on the front of the sight. High contrast Glo-ring aperture and special housing for a rheostat sight light to channel light directly to fiber: bubble level with 3rd Axis adjustability.

Copper john Bull Eye SaxonCopper John Bull’s Eye Sights

Website: Copper John

Contact: 315-258-9269

A new, economy line of bow sights under the Bull’s Eye name from Copper John is aimed at the cost-conscious archer who is looking for a tough, durable product. Expect MSRPs between $19.95 and $49.95 with exceptional dealer margins. The new line will feature sights made from machined aluminum and composite, with force-spreading washers that prevent damage to pins and brackets due to over-tightening, long fiber optic cable for bright pins, zero pin gap and rapid peep alignment.

Fuse Archery Pilot Sights

Website: Fuse Archery

Contact: 801-363-2990

All Pilot Series machined aluminum sights from Fuse use fiber optic pins, Shock-Rods mounted on the aperture, a 2-inch aperture highlighted by a glow-ring, a level and also feature second and third axis adjustment. Color options are black or Realtree APG HD. The micro-adjustable Pilot M is available with 3, 5 or 7 .019 pins; a top .029 pin is optional. The standard gang-adjust Pilot G is available with 3 or 5 .019-inch pins, plus the same option for a top .029 pin. The micro-adjustable Pilot Comp (black or silver) shares all the same features as the Pilot M series but has a longer adjustable mounting bracket allowing for a customized sight aperture/peep sight alignment.


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