Sunline Nylon Monofilament Leader

Sunline Nylon Monofilament Leader works well with topwater presentations, and it’s available in 8- to 16-pound test, 50-yard spools.

Sunline Nylon Monofilament Leader

Sunline’s premium Nylon leader is a great choice for use with mainline braid fishing line for a more buoyant topwater bait presentation. It is a special master batch nylon that provides high breaking strength and high tenacity, reducing water absorption that can weaken the line. Sunline’s Nylon leader is designed with shock absorption to prevent break-offs from the extreme shocks of sudden lure movement, aggressive strikes or sudden fish surges. It is available in 8- to 16-pound test options in 50-yard spools. MSRP: $6.99. Contact:

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