Whether you’re shopping on a budget or are looking for plenty of speed, TenPoint has a crossbow for you

Two new crossbows from TenPoint are sure to impress.
Whether you’re shopping on a budget or are looking for plenty of speed, TenPoint has a crossbow for you

Photo: TenPoint Nitro X

Among new 2018 crossbows is the TenPoint Shadow NXT and the Nitro X, which round out an already impressive lineup.

The Shadow NXT offers premium TenPoint technology at a budget-friendly price — this bow retails for $1,100 to $1,300 depending on cocking device. The "NXT" stands for Narrow Crossbow Technology, and at just 6 ½ inches wide, the Shadow NXT lives up to its name. Combine that with a lightweight, carbon-injected barrel, and you get pinpoint accuracy.

TenPoint Shadow NXT

“The new Shadow NXT exemplifies the evolution of the crossbow,” said Rick Bednar, CEO of TenPoint. “At its price point, you cannot find the same combination of width, speed and durability in any other crossbow on the market.”

Other features of the Shadow NXT include new XR6 cams, Dual Flex limbs and Vector Quad cable technology, which utilizes four cables instead of two and virtually eliminates cam lean. Although TenPoint stresses the price point on this crossbow, it’s no slouch in the speed department, generating speeds up to 380 fps.

The Shadow NXT comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up camo and is available only as a package that includes a cocking device, three Pro Elite bolts, integrated string stop and quiver.

If you’re okay with spending more on your next crossbow, take a look at the sizzling new Nitro X. Measuring just 7 inches wide, this crossbow spits bolts at up to 440 fps and generates 166 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

“The Nitro X is an industry-transcending crossbow,” said Bednar. “It is the most powerful and most compact crossbow ever manufactured.”

The Nitro X derives that speed from the reverse-draw bow assembly, new RX7 cams and Dual Flex limbs, combined with what TenPoint calls Sling-Shot technology. The Nitro X also employs TenPoint’s cam-lean-eliminating Vector Quad cable system. The 20-inch Tac-Lite aluminum barrel, CNC-machined 7075-T6 aluminum riser and three-piece C3 stock combine to limit unnecessary weight, resulting in a crossbow that weighs just 7.8 pounds. It’s also an exceptionally well-balanced crossbow, one that offers plenty of adjustment in the form of an adjustable cheek piece and butt plate.

The Nitro X comes in True Timber Viper Western camo and is available in two packages: the Standard package, which retails for $2,000 and includes the ACUdraw Pro, RangeMaster Pro scope, six pack of Evo-X CenterPunch bolts, integrated string stop system and quiver, and the Elite package, which retails for $2,200 and includes the ACUdraw Pro, Evo-X Marksman scope, TenPoint STAG hard crossbow case, six pack of EVO-X CenterPunch bolts, integrated string stop and quiver.

Both crossbows boast TenPoint’s 3 ½-pound auto-engaging safety trigger, as well as a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor. Dual-purpose safety wings aid in cutting noise and vibration while keeping the shooter’s fingers below the flight deck.

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