Review: The All-New Prime Logic CT5

Bowhunting World Editor-in-Chief Jace Bauserman spent a week testing the new-for-2019 Prime Logic CT5. Spoiler: He loved it . . .
Review: The All-New Prime Logic CT5

Thirty-five inches of pure shooting joy. In a nutshell, that’s how, after testing the bow for a week, I would describe this latest bow marvel — the Prime Logic CT5.

Prime Logic CT5

The author's bow shop, preparing to test the new Prime Logic CT5.

The bow, with a riser cloaked in flat Ghost Green and limbs colored in Subalpine, was a stunner. There were no visible machining marks, chips or dings, and the limb bolts turned without chatter. The CT5 pressed easily in my Last Chance Archery press, and after installing a standard QAD UltraRest HDX and doing a little tinkering, I had the rig producing picture-perfect paper tears in no time. In addition to an easy paper-tune, the bow bare-shaft tuned easily, and at a distance of 20 yards, I was consistently stacking my single bare-shaft FMJ with my three-fletched models. More on the bow’s accuracy later.

Prime Logic CT5

The author had no trouble achieving perfect paper tears from his new Prime Logic CT5.

The CT5’s Parallel Cam system rolls over like butter, and the dual limb stops engage the bow’s inner top and bottom limb to create a rock-hard back wall. The bow does come with a pair of easy-to-insert cable stops for those who prefer a cable-stop feel at full draw. And regardless of which stops you decide to go with (I would test both), the real magic happens after you get the CT5 back and settle your pin on your target. The pin will just sit. This bow has, as longer axle-to-axle bows tend to boast, incredible balance. For me, though, this rig takes balance to a new level.

Prime Logic CT5

The Prime Logic CT5 is a tack-driver.

Prime Logic CT5 Accuracy

Designed for accuracy, this 6-inch brace height 4.6-pound bow met and exceeded my expectations. Yes, Prime’s strategically designed Swerve is back. This is a riser design engineered to synchronize any riser movement to the top half and bottom half of the bow in perfect harmony to better eliminate horizontal shooting issues. In addition, and though I didn’t have to tinker with it, the Flexis-AR roller guard allows you to adjust the distance the cables are from your arrow to ensure optimum fletching clearance.

Also a major hat-tipper, and one I noticed from the get-go, was that the shelf of the CenterGrip was brought up, and this allowed me to get my hand in deeper, which made for a much steadier hold. In short, this bow was designed to be both an up-close and long-distance assassin. I shot the bow from 20 to 80 yards and slapped shafts together at every distance. I really think that with the CT5, it will be like bowhunting with a target bow.

At the shot the bow is hushed and it pops forward slightly into a relaxed grip. I loved the feel. I detected no unwanted vibration, and I really feel that the design of the bow promotes an excellent follow-through.

Like most Prime bow designs, the CT5 wasn’t built to be a speed demon, but it is by no means a tortoise. Branded with a 340 fps IBO rating, the CT5 pushed my 470.2-grain Easton 5MM FJMs at 272 fps. This was with the bow set at 68 pounds of draw weight and a draw length of 29 inches. I was pleased with the speed. In my opinion, the Prime Logic CT5 is a perfect marriage when it comes to speed and accuracy.

Prime Logic CT5

Using a 470-grain arrow, with draw weight set at 68 pounds and draw length at 29 inches, the Prime Logic CT5 pushed arrows downrange at 272 fps.

Other notable features of the bow include the all-new Sherpa Mounting System. Prime went the extra mile this year and made the quiver system more efficient than ever.

Also super cool is the fact that you can customize your Prime to make it look exactly how you desire. If you want to get your CT5’s riser in the manufacturer’s new Tundra/Fusion color and then blanket the limbs in Subalpine . . . no problem. I love to see that Prime is going the extra mile when it comes to customization.

The Prime Logic CT5 is available in draw lengths between 24.5 and 30 inches, and is offered in peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 pounds.

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Prime Logic CT5Prime Logic CT5


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