The ability to stay comfortable in the field all day and remain undetected will undoubtedly increase your chances of tagging out. The Hero blind from Nature Blinds will help you do just that. It’s designed with a realistic bark textured exterior to mimic a weathered old tree trunk that blends naturally into most hunting spots.

Nature BlindsFully insulated and carpeted, the Hero will keep you warm and quiet while you bowhunt. With room enough inside for multiple hunters (almost 27 square feet with a 7-foot ceiling), it’s a great option for those looking to introduce kids or new hunters to the sport. Keeping warm and being able to move around without spooking game will help lead to a positive experience.Nature Blinds

If you’re the type of bowhunter who doesn’t mind sharing your hotspots with friends and family, be sure to give them detailed directions to the Hero and spare key — the Hero has a locking door to keep unwanted company out.

Hero Specs:

  • Exterior height – 87 inches
  • Exterior diameter – 84 inches
  • Interior height – 84 inches
  • Interior diameter – 64×60 inches
  • Weight – 350 pounds
  • MSRP – $3,995

All Nature Blinds products are proudly manufactured in Kerrville, Texas. For more information on the Hero and the complete lineup of Nature Blinds products, visit