Clay Target Nation Magazine Debuts For Shooters

Clay Target Nation debuts as the official magazine of the National Skeet Shooting Association and National Sporting Clays Association. Consider joining today for lots of reasons, including a subscription to Clay Target Nation magazine.

Clay Target Nation Magazine Debuts For Shooters

There’s no better way to keep your shotgun skills tuned up than shooting a lot. Whether your game of choice is skeet or sporting clays, consistent clay target shooting will sharpen your skills. And it’s undeniably fun!

If you’re a recreational clay target shooter who’s looking to up your game, consider getting involved in competitive skeet or sporting clays. The best way to do this is to join the National Skeet Shooting Association or National Sporting Clays Association, the sanctioning bodies for the two games in the United States. That will allow you to shoot registered targets at local, regional and national events, and your scores and classification will be computerized and stored for you. The NSSA or NSCA will determine your rank by performance in class, so you only compete with other shooters at your same skill level, moving up in classes as your performance allows.

Membership also gives you access to the National Sporting Clays Championship and World Skeet Championship, open to all classes, where you can check out the latest guns and accessories, share in recognition of top shooters, enter drawings for loads of prizes, and enjoy the camaraderie and fun of the tournament atmosphere. And, through the Crossfire program, you can join one organization and still enter registered tournaments in the other discipline without a second membership. If you’re a sporting clays shooter who wants to shoot a few rounds of registered skeet a year, the Crossfire program allows you to do that.

Clay Target Nation

The membership benefit we’re most excited about at Grand View Outdoors, though, is the member magazine, Clay Target Nation. We’ve been working hard to create the first issue of this brand new title in conjunction with the NSSA-NSCA, and we’re exciting about combining the games of skeet and sporting clays in one magazine. Though they’re very different games, we think shooters will find there’s a lot more crossover between the two than you might have realized.

We’ve got some of the best shotgun writers, top shooters and most well-known certified instructors on board to provide quality content and dynamic photography. You’ll find shooting tips, lifestyle features, event coverage and much more in each issue of Clay Target Nation. It’s only available to members of the NSSA and NSCA, but we’re giving you a sneak peek at the digital edition of the first issue. You can also visit any time for more content. After the January issue, this will be available only with a member login, so sign up today!

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