Whitetail Journal's Product Preview

Whitetail Journal previews more than a dozen products for the 2018 hunting season. Gear profiles range from the latest Obsession Bow to camera cases and field knives.
Whitetail Journal's Product Preview

Whitetail Journal previews more than a dozen products for the 2018 hunting season. Each short profile includes description, MSRP and link to the manufacturer's website. Gear previews range from the latest Obsession Bow to camera cases and field knives.

Bog-Pod Rapid Shooting Rest

The all new Bog-Pod Rapid Shooting Rest (RSR) is compact, collapsible and portable, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The Rapid Shooting Rest features Bog-Pod’s Switcheroo Ultimate Shooting Rest, giving the shooter a full 360 degrees of target acquisition. Easy to store in a backpack, and quick to set up, this rest will give you the accuracy and range you need to make that big game shot on the fly. MSRP: $44.99. (877) 509-9160; www.btibrands.com

Hooyman Saws

Hooyman Saws recently launched the MegaBite Hunter’s Combo, Pole Saw Lopper Attachment and Ratchet Pruner — for making pre-season prep easier than ever before.

The new MegaBite Hunter’s Combo features two aggressive 8-inch MegaBite XP four-edge tooth blades for fast and clean cuts. The interchangeable design lets you switch between the bone blade and the wood blade with ease.

The new Pole Saw Lopper Attachment is the perfect addition to Hooyman’s Extendable Tree Saws. Smaller limbs can be hard to saw, but the Pole Saw Lopper Attachment tackles the smaller branches with ease.

The Hooyman Ratchet Pruner is made of aluminum creating a lightweight but strong design. The Ratchet Pruner features a push button detachment to detach a handsaw that features the same premium components as Hooyman’s extendable saws. https://www.btibrands.com/brands/hooyman/ 


Radians R-Series Bluetooth Quad Mic

This premium electronic earmuff with an NRR24 amplifies low-level sounds. Advanced circuitry in the R-SERIES earmuffs compresses impulse noises, such as muzzle discharge, that exceed safe levels. The Bluetooth connectivity feature works with most smart devices. If a smart phone is paired but content is not streaming, wearers can hear their surroundings until an alert from the paired device arrives. Four microphones, front and back on each cup, monitor sound from all directions providing superior sound location. The headband is padded, adjustable and designed for a secure and comfortable fit. The unit operates on two AAA batteries (not included). MSRP: $129. (877) 723-4267; www.radians.com


Redding Reloading PR-50 Powder Measure

The Competition PR-50 was engineered with a sweet spot from approximately 30 to 80 grains of most powders. This new measure completes the grouping with a total of four distinct powder measures, each optimized for incredible precision within a given range of charge weights. Beyond and efficient metering chamber design, consistent charges are assured by a precision ground drum, a honed metering chamber and a unique hemispherical micrometer adjustable plunger, which virtually eliminates powder voids caused when using long grain powders. The micrometer is designed to reduce backlash in its travel making for easily repeatable charge weights as well. (603) 753-3331; www.redding-reloading.com


Sightmark Photon RT

The Sightmark Photon RT series consists of four models: Photon RT 4.5x42S, Photon RT 4.5x42, Photon RT 6x50S and Photon RT 6x50. Designed for day and night use, new Photon RTs feature an upgraded 768x576 CMOS sensor, with 40 percent higher resolution over the Photon XT series and a detailed 640x480 LCD display. Serious hunters are sure to appreciate integrated built-in video recording, with sound capabilities, and 2X digital zoom. All Photon RT models come standard with carrying case, USB cable, spare battery container, battery container pouch, lens cloth and user manual. Photon RTs are revolutionizing the affordable night vision optics game. MSRP: $959.99. (817) 225-0310; www.sightmark.com


12 Survivors UltraLite First-Aid Kit


12 Survivors’ newest addition to its popular line of first-aid rollup kits, the UltraLite First-Aid Kit, weighs in just under 11.3 ounces and provides simplicity and portability for the all users. Constructed of moisture-wicking, honeycomb ripstop nylon, the durable first aid kit fits an astounding 90 pieces including bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, scissors, tweezers, tape and moleskin; all organized inside six zipper pockets. Fully customizable, restock it with items that fit your specific needs! Unlike many other first aid kits, the 12 Survivors UltraLite Kit features a slim, flexible profile allowing the kit to take up less space and fit where others may not. MSRP: $41.99. (817) 225-0310; www.12survivors.com

Crosman Volt 300


The Volt 300 crossbow features reduced draw weight for an almost effortless cocking/drawing experience, making it perfect for youth or female shooters. The Volt design incorporates an interchangeable, rubber foregrip and buttstock for increased comfort and non-slip performance. Four different color sets of the rubber foregrips and buttstocks are included so that the user can customize their bow. The all-aluminum shoot through riser ensures repeatable accuracy. Additionally, this feature packed crossbow has an anti-dry fire and auto safety trigger mechanism for safe operation. The Volt 300 includes three 20-inch carbon bolts, an arrow quiver, a rope cocker and a 1x40mm 3 Dot Sight. MSRP: $299.99. (585) 657-6161; www.crosman.com


EOTech Vudu 5-25x50mm Super Short

At approximately 11.2 inch in length, Vudu 5-25x50mm Super Short is one of the shortest first focal plane rifle scopes on the market. Its rugged 34mm tube, XC High-Density Glass and 50mm objective make medium to long-range targets easy to identify. The elevation turret includes a push/pull locking system and EOTECH’s EZ Chek Zero Stop allowing for quick adjustments and return to zero while the windage turret is capped to avoid inadvertent adjustments. The 5-25x is offered in Milliradian adjustments in both the MD3 Mil-hash reticle or the Horus® H59. One unique advantage of the short design of the 5-25x, is that it provides the ability to attach either a clip-on night-vision or thermal device in front of the scope and still allow the shooter to make adjustments to the device without leaving the scope. MSRP: $1,999 (MD3), $2,199 (H59). (888) 368-4656; www.eotechinc.com


Firefield Stronghold Bipods


Whether participating in precision shooting, big-game hunting or a day at the range, Firefield Stronghold Bipods offer the stability to accurately hit the bull’s-eye from any range. The Stronghold Bipod family consists of three available models: a 6- to 9-inch bipod with level, an 11- to 16-inch bipod with level and a 15- to 22½-inch bipod with lever. The rock-solid Stronghold Bipods feature a tensioning adjustment lever. This lever makes for quicker and easier adjustments than traditional bipods. A newly designed tilt and swivel function allows the Stronghold to adjust perfectly based on different terrains and varying heights of shooting surfaces. Staying true to their name, all Stronghold Bipods boast rubber feet for maximum shooting stability. MSRP: $59.99-$71.99. (817) 225-0310; www.fire-field.com

Mystery Ranch Treehouse

MYSTERY RANCH has entered the whitetail industry and created a pack for hunters and other treestand users. The new TREEHOUSE is a hanging gear-quiver explicitly designed for tree stand hunters. The pack features quiet interior fabrication and two fiberglass rods that allows the face panel to open to 45 degrees, securing its content from falling out while providing easy access to gear while on a stand. Multiple interior sleeves and pockets have been incorporated for organizing calls, rangefinders and other essentials that need to be available in the heat of the moment. Front compression straps provide a secure attachment for a bow or lightweight treestand and side water bottle pockets and compression securely fit tripods, bow hangers and other treestand items. MSRP: $250. (406) 585-1428; www.mysteryranch.com


Nightforce ATACR 4-16x50 riflescope

The Nightforce ATACR 4-16x50 riflescope features multi-coated ED glass that produces enhanced low-light performance, brilliant images, outstanding contrast and razor-sharp clarity. A 34mm tube allows 110 MOA/30 Mil-Radian of elevation adjustment, fully realizing the capability of the flattest-shooting hunting cartridge. Nightforce ZeroStop technology and DigIllum digital reticle illumination are standard. Side parallax adjustment focuses from 45 yards to infinity. MSRP: $2,400. (208) 476-9814; www.nightforceoptics.com


Obsession Bows


The Fixation produces IBO speeds up to a wicked fast 358 fps and will be offered in both 6-inch and 7-inch brace heights and with either the M configuration for smooth-as-butter shooting or the XP for pin-your-ears-back speed and performance. The Fixation (pictured) weighs in at 4.3 pounds, has a 32¼-inch axle-to-axle length and is available in draw lengths from 23½ to 30½ inches. The Fixation is included in Obsession’s new 2018 lineup. Obsession’s newest target entry is the Final Pro X. With a 7 3/16-inch brace, axle-to-axle length of 38-inches and IBO speeds up to 330 fps, the Final Pro X and its DE Cam is poised to consistently put shooters on the medal stand. It weighs in at 4.3 pounds and is available in draw lengths from 26½ to 31 inches. MSRP: $999 (Fixation), $1,099 (Final Pro X). www.obsessionbows.com


Viking Solutions Rack Jack 4x4

The Rack Jack 4x4 can be used on the back of an ATV or truck and is capable of hoisting up to 300 pounds. It’s perfect for all UTVs and with its 2-inch receiver works easily as well with trucks. Featuring a stabilizing foot for the UTV attachment, best balancing the weight while lifting, the Rack Jack 4x4 will save significant time and back strain. To help insure years of use, this lift system includes all aluminum machined pulleys, a 600-pound capacity winch, and powder coated finish to protect your investment. The RJ 4x4 fits nicely in most UTV beds so it is ready for immediate use in the field and only weighs 45 pounds. MSRP $129.99. (256) 686-3268; www.vikingsl.com.


Wiebe Knives Monarch

Ideally suited for the whitetail and big-game hunter, the Monarch features a blaze orange form fitting handle for high visibility and comfort during use. A pocket clip for easy storage and access has also been incorporated. This knife is the perfect tool to carry along during day hunts and other adventures. It weighs only 2.6 ounces and measures 7 1/8 inches when opened and 4¼ inches closed. The Monarch comes with three replacement blades. MSRP: $19.95. (605) 744-0133; www.wiebeknives.com


Tink’s E-Scent Dispenser

Get scent lure downwind fast with vape technology. That’s right, humans aren’t the only ones vaping now! The E-Scent dispenser emits up to 400 “puffs” of enticing Tink’s scent per cartridge. The E-Scent dispenser features a USB charger to keep the battery topped off, while a lanyard makes keeps it at the ready. Tink’s E-Scent comes with a synthetic #69 Doe-In-Rut scent cartridge. The E-Scent unit with scent cartridge, battery, USB charger and lanyard will be available for $24.99 MSRP. Additional cartridges in synthetic #1 Doe-P, synthetic Trophy Buck and synthetic #60 Doe-In-Rut scents will be available in two-packs with a handy carry case for $9.99 MSRP. (800) 624-5988 www.tinks.com


Ramcat Lacerator Crossbow Bolt Combo

The Ramcat Lacerator Crossbow Bolt Combo includes three Ramcat Lacerator carbon crossbow bolts, three field points, three flat nocks and three half-moon nocks, plus a trio of devastating Ramcat broadheads. The patented Airfoil tip of the Ramcat heads are aerodynamically superior, eliminating wind planing for field point accuracy, even when fired from today’s magnum crossbows. On impact, the airfoil science of Ramcat continues to work by moving body mass outward and away from the broadhead body and bolt shaft, resulting in a would channel dramatically larger than the actual cut diameter of the head. Ramcat heads feature Firenock aero concentric technology that guarantees 100-percent concentricity in the insert. The kits are available with 20- or 22-inch bolts, and with 100- or 125-grain Ramcat broadheads. MSRP $59.99. www.ramcatbroadheads.com


Trophy Tree

This sturdy and sleek floor display allows for complete customization of your trophy display. The trophy tree will take advantage of unused areas within an office or living room. The Trophy Tree is designed for a variety of small to medium sized heads. Align heads vertically or stagger them from top to bottom. Complete your tree with one species type or display a variety. The customization options are nearly endless. The Trophy Tree's pole stands nearly 6 feet high (five poles included) and each of its sections allows for 360 degree viewing angles with varied heights. Constructed of strong powder-coated steel. The Trophy tree is sold with 5 arm/prong attachments. The Trophy Tree weights about 30 pounds and sells for $199. www.skullhooker.com


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