Backyard Bow Pro helps feed the hungry

National organization connects landowners with bowhunters to generate venison donations for the hungry.
Backyard Bow Pro helps feed the hungry

The national, non-profit Certified Backyard Bow Pro (CBBP) program has a simple mission: Give hunters the credibility they deserve, and make it easier for game to be delivered to those who really need it through the Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry program.

The program, based in North Carolina, does this by developing a roster of ethical bowhunters, who have undergone background checks and demonstrated their proficiency with a compound, crossbow, or traditional bow. The program then provides photo identification, credentials, and educational tools that address the concerns of property owners or government representatives, who are sometimes leery of bowhunting as a safe, effective means of deer control.

“Believe it or not, our program is designed to appeal to the non-hunter,” says founder Joe Lasher. “We’re combating the ‘bloodthirsty redneck’ stereotype so many property owners have by matching them with crime-free, proficient, community-minded bowhunters, and it is working.”

For bowhunters who join and are certified, it’s a great way to find more opportunities to enjoy their sport. Backyard Bow Pro markets its bowhunting services to landowners, urban communities, and municipalities that are facing deer damage to property or excess populations. The community benefits by receiving lean, healthy, hunter-harvested venison through food banks, churches, and soup kitchens. One harvested deer can provide 200 meals.

For more information about bowhunter certification, finding a bowhunter through the program, or accessing donated venison, check out or call toll-free (866) 645-1772.


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