Wild Game Cooking Tip/Video: How to Remove Silverskin

Backstraps from whitetails and other big game have silverskin on one side, and it’s best to remove it before cooking the meat. Here’s how.

Wild Game Cooking Tip/Video: How to Remove Silverskin

A backstrap might be the most prized cut from a whitetail or other big game animal, provided you cook it properly — rare or medium rare! — and first remove its silverskin. The video below shows how to remove silverskin. The task is straightforward, but isn’t something you can rush through. 

Janis Putelis, a producer for MeatEater, hosts the video and does an excellent job explaining and then demonstrating his two favorite methods for removing silverskin from a whitetail backstrap. Sure, you can cook and eat a backstrap with silverskin attached, but it will make the steak chewy. Nobody enjoys backstrap bubblegum, so take time to carefully remove the silverskin prior to cooking.


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